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HollyMay - April 12

Hey Ladies.. So I'm having some sleep issues with the dd who is 6 months. I can't seem to get her to sleep anywhere besides her car seat anymore. She used to sleep in her bassinet for at least 9 hours at night. , which she was also being swaddled. For the last 3 weeks every time i put her done, she wakes up screaming. I can't swaddle her anymore, because she is really rolling around now. So my first thought was, well maybe she has grown out of her bassinet, so i tried her crib. Well the same thing would happen, if she does fall asleep in her crib, she will wake up less then an hour screaming. The result of this, is i put her in her car seat, and she sleeps through the night. I just need some advice on how you ladies did the switch from no swaddle, and from bassinet to crib. I really don't know what to do! all help is really appreciated!


HollyMay - April 15

I thought someone would have some advice for me. Thanks Anyway ladies.. i'll just have to talk to my doctor


DDT - April 15

You asked a question right before the busy Easter long weekend. People are still getting online and probably haven't seen your question yet. Having sleep issues at this age is really common. It's called seperation anxiety. Most babies outgrow after a couple of weeks but for others it can last months. My ds2 (now 10.5 months) went through the same thing at your dd's age and then again at 9 months old. It lasted 2-4 weeks every time. I swaddled ds2 until he was about 5 months old. That's when I had to quit because he was rolling too much. Instead of going cold turkey off the swaddle you can free one arm at a time over a course of a couple of weeks. For example: For 4 days swaddle but leave her right arm free, then her left arm free, and eventually her legs can be freed. You will both have some adjusting to do regardless. She will need to get used to her freedom and will probably be startling herself alot during the night. But it shouldn't last more than a couple of days. But then you still have the seperation anxiety to deal with. Just make sure that when you do go to her at night you don't feed her. She can have her b___b or bottle before bed but then shouldn't be hungry again until the wee hrs. Doing this will cause a habit to start where she will wake just for comfort feeding. Personally I wouldn't use the car seat but if it works for you then by all means. She is probably sleeping better in her car seat because she feels snug and secure in it...she was used to her swaddle and this is the next best thing. You can either slowly wean her off the swaddle like I suggested or you can go cold turkey.


clindholm - April 15

My lo slept in his carseat for the first 3 months and we are still working on this transition to his crib. He prefers sitting up and I think it has helped with the spitup/reflux issue. I just put him to sleep in his crib after his last feed and if he fussed too much during the night, I would transfer him back to the carseat for the rest of the night. He has been going longer in his crib and I know it can't be much longer until he stays all night. They are more adaptable the younger they are. Good luck, I would just stick with it.


HollyMay - April 17

Well... i have been trying to whole transition with swaddling... and it seems pretty hopeless... I'm not giving up though! Even if i have one arm out..or all arms in.. she breaks out of it pretty quickly. Her arms get the best of her... she wipes her eyes, takes her binkie out, and just lays there and cries! i think she might perfer to sleep sitting part way up too... cause sometimes she will sleep on the couch which me on a pillow propped up.. and take a good nap(when i'm just hanging gout watching TV of course, i don't leave her alone like that).. and she won't get all crazy with her hands. But the second she is flat, she screams and cries. I even tried to let her CIO. well i said for like 10 mins.. but only lasted a couple( it feels like so much longer when they are crying) When i put her in her car seat.. instatly she puts her head to the side, and bam, asleep for the night!.ahh.. i don't want her to sleep in her car seat forever!


micsmms3 - May 3

Have you tried a sleep positioner, that would give her a snug feeling. Also if she likes an incline try propping a pillow under her crib matress to create one. I also agree with the gradual weaning from swaddling. My lo weaned herself from swaddling, so I guess I was lucky. She didn't like being constricted and would fuss a lot untill I loosened her arms from it. Let us know how it works out!



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