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MelodyB - April 29

Hello all, my little guy is a month old and is going through a growth spurt. Lately, he will not sleep in the bassinet at all. The only way I can get him to sleep is to bf him in bed and let him fall asleep beside me after he is done. Sometimes, I am able to move him to the sleep positioner in my bed and other times, he just wakes up upset. If I put him in the bassinet, he screams his head off for hours on end. I've already talked to my mother and sisters about this and they all disagree with one another about him sleeping in bed with me. This is the only way that my little one will sleep at night (up to 6 hours on some nights). Pediatrician thinks that it's colic but my little guy calms down as soon as he is close to me in bed. So, I'm not sold on that diagnosis. My feeling is that he needs to feel close to me. And I don't have any issue with spoiling him...Does anyone else do this? If not, what works for other mommies?


Jamie - April 29

I co-sleep with my 9 month old. it's actually fairly common. Opponents will tell you scary statistics about parents rolling onto their babies and smothering them, and increased risk of SIDS, etc, but supporters counter with - mom and baby both sleep better, it builds a better bond, it's easier for b___stfeeding, it actually reduces the risk of SIDS because the baby's breathing mimics that of his/her mother, etc. The thing is, you have to do it safely. No big fluffy blankets or pillows, don't do it if you're a heavy sleeper, if you're a smoker, or if you've been drinking or are on any medication that might make it difficult to wake you. If he sleeps better, and you sleep better, get some sleep!


Rabbits07 - April 29

The past couple of nights my ds has been the same way (also just turning a month old). I let him in the bed with me (but hubby had to go---he's 6'2, 220 lbs. and takes up alot of space and I worry that he'll roll on him) also, like Jamie said I took off all pillows except the one I was using and I feel safer dressing me & baby so that no blankets are needed (I have a blanket paranoia) If you have a water bed I wouldn't co-sleep as it's too easy to cause baby to roll onto his tummy and he could smother...other than that if you take all the precautions Jamie mentioned there is no reason why baby can't sleep safely with you if you don't have a problem with it.


Rabbits07 - April 29

ftm, don't know if you have other kids or not, but I have a toddler that we co-slept with until a few months ago. After baby's birth he started coming back into our room. I had to take precautions to make sure he didn't come in while baby was in bed with me--so if you do have another child, make sure that isn't an issue as a toddler could easily hurt a baby.


Bonnie - April 29

I think you should do what you feel comfortable with. We did the semi-CIO method as I did not want to co-sleep, but I certainly do not see anything wrong with it if that is what you feel comfortable with. Whatever you do, I suggest you a nd your partner (if both parents are in the picture) sit down and discuss what strategy you would like to do for sleeping and then stick with it. I.E., if you co-sleep now, you will be co-sleeping for a while. If you really like teh co-sleep ethod, then just do it safely and go for it. :)


HANNAHs Mom - April 29

When I was pregnant with my first child, I rushed out and purchased a crib for the nursery and a ba__sinet for my bedside. Soon after I had my baby, we discovered co-sleeping and found that arrangement to be a perfect fit for our family....especially since I was b___stfeeding. We loved it so much, we are co-sleeping once again with our now 8-month old daughter. It's a personal choice but whatever works for you and your family and makes everyone happy.


Erin1979 - April 29

You cannot spoil a 1 month old baby in my opinion. My daughter did this as well until she was about 6 weeks old. Once she got used to everything, she started getting better and better. By 10 weeks she was sleeping in her crib, and by 14 weeks sleeping through the night. I think it's just a security thing....come out of the womb and WHAM all different. Give it a little time, and it will get better!! Good Luck!


SonyaM - April 29

Co-sleeping definately has it's pros and cons and to each his own, but PLEASE stop the "mommy and baby have a better bond" claim. It's simply not true. No one knows what kind of bond another has with their baby. I co-slept some with my first some out of pure necessity because he wouldn't sleep in his crib and I can honeslty say I have a better bond with my second son and he sleeps in his crib in his own room now (he did sleep in our room in a pack n play for five months). So I guess my point is, co-sleep if you want and you can be safe but don't do it just to have a better bond!


SonyaM - April 29

Sorry for the typo. That should be "son" not some....


MelodyB - April 30

So, I have been co-sleeping with the baby for the last couple of days and it's working out better than the ba__sinet. My son absolutely refuses the ba__sinet and the crib. Co-sleeping allows me to get some much needed sleep. And I am not doing it purely for a better bond. Mostly, for some rest and my sanity! LOL. But, my baby doesn't seem colicky at all. And my hubby has moved to the couch for the time being. He goes back to Iraq soon anyway :-( I will try the transition to the crib when he is a little older. But thanks for all the responses.


SonyaM - April 30

Good for you for doing what is best for YOU and YOUR baby. Sorry to hear your husband is going back to Iraq. May God bless him and keep him safe.



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