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wannababyboy - February 20

I was just wondering how often other babies of the same age sleep. Mine turned 7 weeks on this past Sunday and they still sleep for about three hours after every feeding, then wake up just in time to be fed again. Is this normal behaviour? Does any one else's baby sleep this often? Or should I be finding ways to keep them up during the day so maybe they can sleep longer at night? Sorry for all the wuestions but I do not know what is normal for this age!


AshleyB - February 20

I've heard that the whole staying up during the day will help them sleep better at night is a wives tale. And that actually the better they sleep during the day the better they sleep at night. I know it's been true for my ds. He's almost 12wks and if he is up alot with hardly any naps during the day, he usually sleeps c___ppy at night. The longer naps or more naps during the day the better and longer he sleeps at night. Why it works, i don't know, Doesn't seem like it would make sense, but it works that way for us. My ds usually fell asleep for a while after feedings, but not for that long. He never has slept as much as was said to be "normal" though. I think normal is whatever your LO does that works best for them. Sounds like everything is fine, and I would enjoy the big gaps in your day while you still get them. Good luck!


jolou - February 21

I'd say it sounds fine too - but that every baby is different. My son is nearly 6 weeks, and we have found that he sleeps better at night if he's been up more during the day. Saying that, we never try to keep him awake, he just is! I find that he'll be awake from about 2pm to about 10pm with just a couple of 20 minute naps. Then he'll sleep until about 4am-ish, feed and sleep again until 7am-ish, and carry on that pattern every 3/4 hours until about 2 ish. If he sleeps all day he'll invariably be up all night! As Ashley says, LO will do what works for them. If you're feeling sleep deprived you can always try to keep LO awake more for a couple of days and see what happens, but I've found that pretty hard to do - if he wants to sleep he'll sleep!



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