Sleep Problem

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Mel_C - June 14

My 4 month old ds refuses to go to sleep peacefully... ever! He doesn't even usually fall asleep after nursing (except during the night). We have to swaddle him and rock him to sleep, and he cries anyhow. Sometimes, especially at night, this can take literally hours, through the day it seems to take a bit less time, anywhere between 5min-1hr. I've tried really hard not to let him get overtired, have soothing bedtime rituals, etc, but nothing seems to work. It's like he just hates to have to go to sleep! It gets to the point where I know he's tired and not happy to be awake but he cries anyway, even when he's being held & rocked. Nothing else seems to be wrong, and he's happy enough through the day when he's not tired. I'm scared to try CIO because I can't even soothe him when he gets like that by holding him, let alone just speaking to him! My husband and I are temporarily living with my parents while renting our house out, and I am going nuts with all the "sage thoughts" that keep floating my way. I feel like such a terrible mother, I can't even put my baby down peacefully. I really want to cry myself but I can't because of everyone hovering around. He was always a bit like this but it has been getting worse and worse. I don't know how much longer I can do this, it seems crazy to spend between 1-4 hours every night putting ds to bed :-(


Jamie - June 14

I don't have any advice to offer, I'm sorry...I just wanted to say hang in there, he has to learn to sleep s.ometime.


krnj - June 14

Is it possible that he's still hungry or maybe he's teething? My ds is 3 & 1/2 months and is drooling all over & has his hands in his mouth. He'd rather have his hands than a bottle! Sorry I'm not much help! Hang in there.


nic nac - June 14

yes the yoga ball works great. I went to visit family and my dh used it to soothe our dd.


Ginny - June 14

My baby fights sleep like crazy, and one thing that works for me is to get her good and tired before it's time to sleep. I let her hang in her Johnny Jump UP, give her tummy time, and that sort of thing. You are a good mother, I can tell just by the concern in your message! If your parents give you a hard time, ask them to do it one night while you go out! They'd have more respect for how hoard it is! Good luck with everything.


Mel_C - June 15

Thanks so much ladies. I was wondering about teething myself but he has been like this for so long... Don't you wish babies came with an LED display to tell us what's wrong! I'll try getting him to be more physical through the day, and maybe some Tylenol just to see if it will help. Last night he went to bed a bit earlier and went to sleep in only an hour (!) and slept for six and a half hours. So maybe an earlier bedtime might help too. I'll try and keep smiling! Thanks again for your input, the positive comments are really appreciated. :-)



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