Sleeping At 7 Weeks HELP

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acrone - July 10

My dd is 7 weeks old and weights 12 pounds. She is a happy baby but needs to eat every 2-3 hours. How can I get her to sleep more through the night. I have tried the "baby whisper" feeding of every hour twords nighttime or tanking. This doesn't work for her. Any other ideas as to what to do? I need help.


shannan - July 10

Hi acrone. My ds is 6 wks old and does the same thing. He is close to 12 lbs as well only sleeps for 3 hour stretches or less at night. When he wakes up, he is hungry and sometimes it takes up to an hour to get him to go back to sleep. I start back to work in a week and a half, so any advise would we appreciated as well.


erenimi - July 10

I hate to say it, but untill they are at least about 10 weeks, they really just aren't going to sleep through the night. Some babys take less time. More babies take much more time. The only thing i could say is maybe cereal in the bottle at night, it will last longer in their stomach and they may be satisfied longer. Didnt really help with dh though


kr - July 10

Those first 2-3months are killer for your own sleep needs. Unfortunately it is very normal for babies to wake every two or three hours. Their tummies are just too small to get enough to last any longer. So my solutions aren't how to make the baby sleep longer as much as how to make those feedings better for you. -I don't know if you BF or formula, but if you have a partner maybe you partner can take over for a one feeding a night if you make a bottle ahead of time? - I'm sure everyone has told you this, but I'll say it too: you have the right to take a nap during the day whenever the baby sleeps! -You could rent some really great movies to make those evening feedings less boring. Maybe you'll just see 1/2 hour at a time, but it might make you fee like less of a zombie -I know it's not for everyone, but for my family co-sleeping has worked great! We tried to sleep and feed out of our bed in the begining, but it took an hour or more for our LO to sleep. As soon as we moved her into our bed her late night feedings and changing( many of which she slept through) took less than 20 min. Good luck, good night



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