Sleeping At Night

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cynthia334 - April 20

Okay.... I know every baby is different, but i could use some peoples techniques in regards to your babys sleeping. My baby is 2 months old. He is sleeping in a basinette beside our bed. At night time we fee him and burp him usually to sleep. Sometimes i rock him and sing to him. He then goes to sleep but wakes up after 3 hours. HOw did you get your babies to sleep longer? Does anyone wrap them in a blanket, or put one on him? or not at all? Any tips would be great.


jensenc - April 20

At that age, they still need to eat every 3 hours so I would think it is best to continue with what you are doing.


cynthia334 - April 20

Thank you jensenc


amb - April 20

my baby is 2 monthes old too. she eats anywhere from 3-4 hours. but sometimes goes as longas 5 hours. last night she slept from 10pm till 415am. VERY unusual. that never ever happens. usually she sleeps around 3-31/2 hours then is up. i know you want more sleep as do i lol but trust me if she goes more than 4 1/2-5 hours her stomach is growling and it hurts her bad and i feel so bad


cynthia334 - April 20

Hello amb thank you for replying. I dont know anyone with young kids so i have no idea what they should be doing at this age. It is nice to know it is normal because sometimes i worry it isnt. thank you


Ca__sieSong - April 20

My dd didn't sleep longer than 3 hours straight until she was 8 weeks. At 10 weeks, all of a sudden she made a jump and began sleeping 8 hours straight at night! Then at 3.5 months, she began waking up all the tiime again. they keep changing it on us! Now though, she is learning to sleep through the night again. She is now 4.5 months old. Until she was 4 months, we swaddled her real tight and that seemd to help.


amb - April 20

yes it is worrysome at times. like yesterday my dd slept ALL day at the sitters house. she was up for like an hour and thats it, wouldnt even wake up to eat half the time, now that worries me but then i was mean and kept her up screaming and all from 6pm till 10pm but today i guess she was up for like 4hours then took a little nap so everyday it changes lol they like to keep us on ourt toes lol


kelsey - April 20

goodluck ladies im at 6 months and still wakes up every 2-3 hours!!!!!!!


cynthia334 - April 20

just often is your babies eating and how much per feeding/day???


cynthia334 - April 20

this is going to sound silly but i am new here what does dd stand for, i know it is refering to your baby


Kelly K - April 20

We swaddle my DD and she sleeps anywhere from 8-11 hours a night. We also lay her on her side since she hates being on her back. She's been doing this since 5 weeks old. She occasionally wakes up for a night time feed. Mostly when she's going through a growth spurt. We also learned that having the radio on helps keep her calm and sleeping longer.


amb - April 20

DD means dear daughter she eats around 3-4 ounces per feed which is about 3-4 hours a piece, i try to feed her right before bedtime that helps and she also sleeps onher side most of the time. mine sleeps longer with me if she sin bed with me. i have apositioner for her to sleep in but that wont be happening much longer. she was a premie, born 6 weeks early so she still needs to cuddle time and such!


Sarahsmommy - April 20

Sarah is 4.5 months and I still swaddle her. If she's not swaddled she is really restless and wakes up more then usual.


shelly22 - April 21

My baby is 2 months and he pretty much sleeps through the night. I try not to let him nap after his evening bottle, and keep him up until his last bottle at midnight and he's good until about 7AM. My son eats 6 oz, about 5-6 bottles a day, he's a big boy, almost 13 lbs.


cynthia334 - April 21

Hello Shelly i pretty much do the same thing. He eats 6 oz 3-4 hours. he is almost 14 pounds....big boy


JMux - April 23

My dd wouldn't sleep at all unless she was tightly swaddled. She's 4 months now and I still have to swaddle her to sleep. My dd started sleeping longer once I started putting her down while she was still awake instead of rocking her to sleep.


melissa g. - April 23

my baby weighed 10 lbs, 9 oz at her 2 month checkup, she eats about 3-4 oz every 3-4 hrs also and sleeps for the most part in 3 hr increments.



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