Sleeping During The Day

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shannan - June 22

I have a 4 wk old and was curious about other babies daytime sleep patterns during the day. My ds doesnt seem to sleep that much during the day. When he falls asleep its for about 50 min. at a time. Today for instance he slept 2 times for 50 min. then 1 time for 2 hours. Is this normal/typical? Thanks!


Jamie - June 23

Sounds pretty normal to me.


mayaB - June 23

What does your baby do when he's not asleep? what do you do with him? Mine is 5 weeks old, and when he's not asleep he's very often crying!! He sleeps 3 hours at a time after most meals. But he also has has days where he doesnt close an eye.


shannan - June 23

When my baby is awake he is either a)eating or b)crying :) I just wasnt sure if he should be sleeping more during the day. The nights arent too great either. He slept about every two hours with a one-hour break between each, where I was feeding/changing/walking him around. MayaB, do you b___stfeed your litttle one?


Alycia - June 23

Shannan - My son is 6 1/2 weeks old, and until very recently, he was exactly as you describe your son except he was sleeping less during the day. He spent all waking moments either b___stfeeding or screaming, and he woke up every two hours on the clock at night, meaning we were only getting about one hour of sleep at a stretch. Suddenly, right around 4-5 weeks, my son started getting really interested in his environment - he started to enjoy looking at his toys and at trees and things outdoors. Now, he plays all day long and naps even less - I'm lucky to get 15 minutes out of him. He's fairly easily bored, but as long as I move him around from place to place to look at different things, he's quite happy. He rarely cries for no obvious reason anymore except during the evening "witching hour." I swear, it really does get easier! Don't despair just yet. Also, he has started sleeping a fairly long time for the first stretch - usually about four hours and forty minutes, but once this week I woke him up after nearly six hours because I was getting engorged. After the long period, he'll sleep between an hour and forty-five minutes and three hours. I'm not sure if this is his age, however, because his long sleep stretches coincided with us starting to cosleep. Either way, I feel for you and I hope it gets better soon.



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