Sleeping Habits HELPP

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sapna - March 26

Ladies, my baby is 4 weeks old and has trouble sleeping alone. He is fine when he is in the bed w/us at night but during the day he will not nap by himself in the crib. He will nap in the bed if someone is w/him. I tried everythiing from rocking, singin, holding him till he falls into deep sleep and when i place him in his crib he is up in 10mins. I want to break this habit but have no clue how- i need helppp!!!


krnj - March 26

Hi I'm having the same problem with my little guy! He's almost 4 weeks old and as soon as we put him in his ba__sinet he starts fussing. I hope someone out there has answers!


Kelly K - March 26

Thankfully this is just a phase almost all babies go through. Try swaddling him up pretty tight and then laying him in the crib. That will give him the security he has while laying with you. You may also want to get a sleep positioner to add to that security. Worked on my daughter. She's now 4 months old and sleeps great in the crib. She actually won't sleep anywhere else these days.


Courtney - March 26

My 6 week old son is the same way. He loves to be held ALL the time. The other babies in my mommy group are the same. I think they are still getting used to being out of the womb, so they like the security of familiar smells (mommy) and sounds (heartbeat). Just hold 'em and love 'em...they're only little for so long, right? Or get a carrier I heard those are good.


Zacks Mom - March 27

Try swaddling. If that don't work, swaddle and place the t-shirt/sweater/clothes you're wearing to cover him like a blanket or place it under/next to the baby.


Ca__sieSong - March 27

If your baby is a houdini baby (most are) I recommend the Miracle Blanket. My dd always escaped our swaddle no matter how tight we made it. We got this thing and she never got loose. She is now 3 and 1/2 months... soon she'll be too big for it. Ahhh! She still loves to be swaddled. It is $30 but a great investment. You can buy it online. We didn't have this blanket when she was very young.... but she never slept more than 15 minutes in her crib then either. Soon she was sleeping 30 minutes in her crib. Now we're up to 50 minutes for a nap. After that, she wakes up and I need to give her the nuk. She might sleep another hour after that then. Don't worry, their naps lengthen. Some babies just take longer than others... like mine. Sorry so long!



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