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lilaggie2002 - February 6

Hey Ladies, My ds is 2 weeks old...we noticed the other day that he is very fidgety in his bassinet and get startled very easily during the night. However, when sleeping in his car seat he sleeps perfectly with absolutely no disruption...well except the need for food. haha Anyhow does anyone let their lilone sleep in thei r carseat at night? If so, any drawbacks or probs? I would love to hear ya'lls opinion. Take Care


tyler0323 - February 6

huh, you mean strap them in and thats it?? I would have to say no, and i would have to not recommend it for over night. The only time i let my dd sleep in her car seat was in the car, or if we just got home and she was sleeping, id unbuckle and let her sleep for a few extra minutes then wake her. The problem with it, would be they are basicly sleeping sitting up and they are not laying flat. if its a security thing, him feeling more snuggled, then roll up a couple blankets in the basinette and snuggle them up to him. Dont leave him in a car seat over night though


KLC - February 6

Also you will have trouble breaking him from it later. Trust me sleeping alone is almost always an issue at some point!!!!!


aurorabunny - February 6

It's not THAT big of a no no. I know some of us (me included) did it for reflux reasons when our los were smaller, but I found out that the position puts pressure on their tummies and really isn't good for reflux anyways. I agree with KLC that it's not a great habit to start, but it's not that horrible. I just wouldn't rely on it or do it very often. The only issue I see is that it will end up being kind of a roadblock on the path to getting your little one on a consistant sleep schedule in the place where he will be sleeping long term.


Emily - February 6

I would say the rolling up of blankets in the ba__senet is a bigger no no than letting them sleep in the car seat. The extra blankets as padding is a SIDS risk. As long as he is buckled in his seat, it shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing is if you let him do it, it will be hard to break him of it later. Try swaddling him. That works good for some. One of my dd hated it the other loved it.


k.p.j.e. - February 6

ok I'm a__suming you mean the car seat is taken out of the car 1st right?:) I think tyler0323 thought you were leaving the baby in the car all night...i certainly hope you wouldn't do that!!! Anyway I let my son sleep in his Fisher Price swing until he was sleeping thru the night, then moved him to his crib. Never used our ba__sinet unfortunately! Anyway the swing is almost the same as the car seat basically. I think it's fine. Jack never had any problem and our ped. said it's totally safe.


ssmith - February 6

Yaeh, I would try wrapping him nice and snug in a blanket (tuck in his arms) and keeping him in his ba__sinet. I know that a lot of Mom's have used the car seat for their babies to sleep in.....but personally, I don't think it's a good idea (I mean, unless they have reflux or something). There was a news story recently about infants that sleep in their car seats can have trouble breathing because of the angle of the seat, and the way their heads lay. I, personally, don't think it's a good habit to get into because like another Mom said, it will be a hard habit to break in a few months. Right now, he's too little to really know any better hahaha. Have you heard of the Miracle Blanket? I got mine from eBay, and it's a GREAT blanket for swaddling a baby nice and snugly, so they don't startle and jerk while they sleep. They also can't wiggle out of it very easily as they get a bit bigger. I used to swaddle my daughter, and I also used those sleep positioners in her ba__sinet and they also help keep the baby secure and snug. Good luck....and congrats! Two weeks......AW!


sophandbob - February 6

I would have thought that it might cause a curvature of the spine. I have also been told that car seats are more to blame for flat head syndrome than lying on their backs in the crib. The sooner you get him into normal sleeping situations the better as it'll only cause mre problems later on when you need to transition. A younger baby is easier to do this with than an older one.


k.p.j.e. - February 6

Oh also--my son would onyl sleep in his swing maybe an hour or two out of the night--mostly he slept attached to my b___b on the couch lol. I think you better listen to the other moms on this thread because I just remembered that the amount he did sleep in his swing was very minimal. Sorry:)


soon2bemomof3 - February 6

Ok here goes my opinion and what i was told by a Pediatric SPECIALIST. my ds was born with laryngomalacia (breathing difficulties) and the SPECIALIST I seen said that it was a GOOD idea to put him in his carseat to sleep because it's reclining and he would feel more secure strapped into it. She said NOT to place him in a bouncy/vibrating seat or swing because they aren't as sturdy and the straps aren't as secure. So I say GO RIGHT ON AHEAD if it does the trick.


kris313 - February 6

There was just an article published about this - which of course I can't locate at the moment. Basically it said NOT to let your baby sleep for long periods of time in a car seat for any reason. If the baby's head slumps forward or they slide down inside the seat, the baby can suffocate. Its more of an issue with younger babies that don't have the head control or motor skills to get themselves out of trouble. If I find the article I'll post the info.


soon2bemomof3 - February 6

YES but if you strap them in nice and snug they aren't going to slip down.


sahmof3 - February 6

All of mine slept in their carseats in the crib for the first 6 weeks (about). The boys went right to the crib after that and dd went to a ba__sinet briefly before the crib. Just make sure it's tilted back enough so your LOs head doesn't flop forward. I personally had no problem with the transitions... just a little restless the first night or two... but swaddling helped. I didn't feel good about them sleeping on their backs as newborns. They would choke on spit up and phlegm (c-section babies!) and not be able to breathe (oldest ds was the worst with this). They needed to be upright.


Renee924 - February 6

mine always falls asleep in the seat when we go somewhere, I leave her in it after we get home til she wakes up from her nap but her head does tend to slump and looks uncomfortable so I wouldn't leave her in it overnight.


lilaggie2002 - February 6

wow. i didnt realize there were such different opinions on this issue. we do try to swaddle him at night, unfortunately though he unwraps himself. we even received an "easy swaddler" and he screamed for about an hour til we finally gave in and took him out of it. i can see the issue about later switching him to his bed etc. i'll guess itll be back to the ba__sinet until I can ask his ped. thanks for your opinions ladies!


sahmof3 - February 6

I also thought of this. I was told in the hospital by the nurse that my oldest needed to be on his side because of the choking (he really couldn't get the junk up when he was on his back), but the ped said that wasn't a good idea, that the carseat would be better.


sahmof3 - February 6

I put the carseat right in the crib, swaddled the baby and left the straps off and put them over the back so LO couldn't get caught in them.



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