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EB - January 29

DS is almost 7wks old. We have no choice but to cosleep because DS doesn't like crib or bassinett. Within minutes of putting him in crib or bassinett, he wakes up and cries. For those moms out there who have newborns sleeping in cribs or bassinetts, how did you do it?


jennyr - January 29

EB I was in the same boat but did not co sleep. My dd slept in her swing in our rom for a long time then we ended up puttin gher in the infant carrier in her crib she. I got a lot of grief from some people on this site about the infant carrier sleeper but it worked and that is what we did. She finally got out of the carrier at about 8 1/2 months. I think you need to get your little one use to his room first. Play with him in his crib durning the day just so he knows it is an ok place to be. If he doesn't sleep in the crib during the day start with that. He is only 7 weeks and he needs tons of sleep so eventually hopefully he won't care where he is and he will just stay alseep. It is super hard on you more then him I will tell you that, but just stick with it and eventually he will understand that this is where he sleeps. Try maybe raising the mattress on one end so that he is proped up a bit. My dd is the queen of not sleeping in her crib. Birth to 81/2 months her crib went un-used. If we ever have another baby the ba__sinet is not an option for me. It is the crib and that is it. I don't want to go through what I went through again. We actually had to take her for a car ride ever night to get her to sleep and then put the carrier into the crib and we surronded it with pillows and had her buckled it.


Tanners mom - January 30

I had the same problem with my ds. He either had to cosleep with us or sleep in his boppy. Then I got the idea that he must like sleeping on something soft so I padded his cradle with a couple of blankets stacked together, then I put this really soft one on top of that. After that he started sleeping by himself.


Kara H. - January 30

Go get a copy of the book (or rent the dvd from your library with the same name) The Happiest Baby On The Block. It was a life saver. When the baby sleeps with you, he is being cuddled so his arms aren't flailing about, he's warm and sluggly, and he can hear your heartbeat and your breathing. When you lay him in his bed, he knows he is not being cuddled, its too quiet, his arms are flailing about and waking him up, and he doesn't feel safe and secure. Bascially in THBOTB, you re-create the womb or co-sleeping experience. There are directions for doing a proper tight swaddle that won't come undone during the night as well as tips for adding white noise which will simulate the sounds he hears when he was in the womb or snuggled up with you. We also roll up a small recieving blanket or cloth diaper and stick under one side of the baby so he is between laying on his back and laying on his side. When they lay flat on their backs, they have the Moro reflex that causes them to startle and flair their arms in an attempt to hold onto Mom. There are all sorts of great tips in the book. Max was sleeping on his own in his crib for 8 hours straight at 8wks old because of that book. It is wonderful!!


vonzo - January 30

My dd went straight into her crib when we got home from the hospital and has never had a problem sleeping there. There was the odd occasion when she was a few weeks old when she wouldn't sleep unless she was being held but then we discovered swaddling and haven't looked back. She's now in her cot and we had no problem transitioning her to that either. I think we just have a baby who loves to sleep :o)


EricaLynn - January 31

My daughter was in the crib right away. Now at four weeks old though she seems to want to sleep in our bed. Its not going to happen but omg I need some sleep!



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