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Renee924 - January 30

My baby is about three and a half weeks old and Im wondering if it's okay for her to sleep in her mobile swing at night? She usually sleeps in a little sleeper bed in our bed but it takes up a lot of room, and when she gets up at night, she usually wakes up when we try to put her in it. During the day today I've been putting her in the swing and she seems to enjoy it but I'm wondering if it's okay to let her sleep in it at night... and if it'll be harder to transition her to her crib later? We plan on transitioning her once she's two months old.


SonyaM - January 30

I think it will be harder to transition her to a crib later. I made a strict rule with my second child (because my first was such a horrible sleeper) that he would only sleep in his bed. At first it was a pack n play in our room and then at about 5 months in his crib. I very very very rarely let him in our bed and only as a last resort. He became a great sleeper and got very comfortable in his bed and with the routine.


Rabbits07 - January 30

It's not unsafe or anything at her age.....but there is the possibility of it being harder to transition her to a crib once she gets too old to sleep in the swing (that is just a possibility though and not a definite). Mason would fall asleep in his swing in the evenings up until he was around 4-5 months old, but would go into our bed without waking. You just have to decide if you think that rest you get now will be worth the trouble you MAY have in the future.....sometimes lack of sleep can make you decide it is worth it ;-)


piratesmermaid - January 30

One mom on here (I'm sorry I can't remember who) let her baby sleep in the swing overnight once, and the baby flipped out, even though he was strapped in. They say not to leave them unattended, and while they aren't that moblie at that young of age, I dunno if I would feel comfortable risking it.


Ca__sJ - January 30

In my opinoin, I wouldn't let her sleep in it overnight. I let my son sleep in his during the day when he was that little but he got kind of dependant on it so I started him only sleeping in his crib and that seemed to help him get into a routine better. I would stick to daytime if you are going to do it. Good luck!


Kara H. - January 31

According to Dr. Karp who wrote The Happiest Baby On The Block it is totally fine to let the baby sleep in the swing. I highly recommend the book. Max slept swaddled in his swing for a couple of weeks (still buckled in though) and we had no problems at all transistioning to the crib. You just need to be sure that you have a sleeping routine you can live in place by 12wks. That is when babies start to get set in their ways and can start to be a little bit manipulative. Using Dr Karp's methods, Max was sleeping 8 hours a night by 8wks, 10 hours by 12wks, and 12 hours by 14wks. Sleeping in the swing is also recommended for babies who have reflux as well.


BriannasMummy - January 31

I have to say that I allow my dd to sleep in her swing during the night. Shell be 8 weeks old TOMORROW. It reclines backwards as if she were laying in a basinet. She loves it, she sleeps peacefully. Im not sure how the transition will be to the swing to her bed, however, Ill handle that when I get to it. I really dont think it will be that big of a deal because she takes naps in her crib anyway! Hopefully it all works out in the end! ~Kristin~


Deirdra - January 31

My son is 3.5 months old and STILL in his swing...i cant get him to sleep anywhere else without s crying fit...i mean i can let him CIO but it just gets to the point where it is INSANLY hard...he make shimself so upset...


mandee25 - January 31

My ds is 10 weeks old. The odd night I have let my baby sleep in the swing as a last resort. Now it's in my living room instead of the bedroom and he is pretty used to sleeping in his crib now that we have in our bedroom. He takes naps either in his swing or bouncy chair and sometimes in his playpen during the day. I try to mix it up so he doesn't get dependant on one thing. I wish he was sleeping through the night though. The longest he has gone is 6 hours and that only happened once or twice. I can't see how a baby can flip out of the swing while they are strapped in. I personally don't use the highest speed and he has a tray in front of his. It would be impossible for that to happen in mine at his age.



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