Sleeping Issues

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JEN - April 25

Hey ladies. My ds is 5 months old and up until about 3 weeks ago he was sleeping from 7pm to 7am without so much as a peep all night. Well, about 3 weeks ago he began waking at around 2:30am and wanting to feed. I thought this might be a growth spurt, so I fed him. Then he began waking2 times per night, then 3...last night he was up every hour after 2am! I only fed him once, but I do not know what to do! I really do think he is hungry because he began refusing his normal 8-9oz before bed and only taking maybe 3 or 4oz. He just screams and I rock him to calm him and he falls asleep. What do I do?? Help girls- I need sleep!


Whitney - April 25

Maybe your son is teething & is waking up to feed to be comforted. My 10 month old son usually sleeps well through the night, except just before he gets a tooth ... I find that about a week before each new tooth he starts waking up 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a night wanting milk & he just screams until he gets it, but sometimes I do also have to rock him to sleep as well. I feel for you, I hate the sleepless nights, they make me want to cry harder then he is.


pbj - April 25

OMG, my 5 mth old daughter has just started doing the same thing. Hope you get some suggestions, cause I need them too.


Jamie - April 25

My daughter did something similar at the same age. The solution for me was to increase the amount of solids she was getting during the day. She now sleeps from 8 p.m. til 7 a.m.


Bonnie - April 25

I agree with both Whitney and Jamie. He could be teething, it could also be a growth spurt. I would up the feeds during the day but not give the night feeds or it may become habit :)


Rabbits07 - April 25

I read once that babies sometimes do that when they are hitting a developemental milestone (sitting up, crawling, etc.). I don't remember exactly why it said they did it, I just remember that it said they did sometimes.



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