Sleeping On His Belly

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JL - January 31

Does anyone sleep their baby on their bellies? I know that this is a big no-no with all they have learned about SIDS, but my 10 week old baby loves to sleep on his belly. I have let him nap that way, but only if he is in the pack and play and I am right there. Last night he was inconsolable from 1-3am. He would seem to calm down, and then when I would lay him in the crib on his back, he would wail again. But I put him on his belly and he fell fast asleep. I was so nervous about it that I went back in and flipped him after a few minutes. Just curious if anyone else has a "belly dweller."


Mommy - January 31

Zane and Logan were both that way and still are. For that reason I coslept with them until around 3 or 4 months of age. Then I was checking on them constantly at night because I was scared of SIDS, too. There is really nothing much you can do about it. I tried swaddling but it didn't help much. All you can do is listen to him scream or check on him often while he sleeps. Invest in one of the SIDS monitor things, they go off when they don't detect any movement at all for so many seconds. It would help put your mind at ease.


JL - February 1

Did you use any blankets at all for Logan and Zane? We live in Chicago (cold!) and I have been covering my little guy with a blanker. But if he goes on his belly more regularly I was thinking about just using the fleece sleep sack.


Meredith - February 1

I let both of my girl sleep on their bellies. I use the fleece sleep sacks, and blankets. I live in Florida!


jess - February 2

i have a belly sleeper too......if we nap together he sleeps on my belly...belly to belly......and if he sleeps on his belly alone i will sit beside him and be on the computer or something....he is 4 months now, but still i worry!


KrisD - February 2

My guy is definitely a belly baby! My husband and I gave in a week ago and put him to sleep on his belly. We were both getting up constantly to listen to him breath we were so nervous!! But he was waking up about 5-7 times a night on his back!! Now, out of the 8 nights we have put him on his belly, he has had 5 great nights - sleeping through till his a.m. bottle. My pediatrician said she certainly wasn't going to tell me to do it, but said she put one of her children to sleep on his belly at 1 month onward... She was not getting any sleep up until that point. It's tough - "they" tell us not to do it, but we were all belly-sleepers!


DD - February 2

I also have a 10 week old baby that will only sleep on her belly.We just got so sleep deprived after about 2 weeks we turned her to her belly.She has since slept for 6-7 hours at night . Her crib is in my room 2-3 feet from my bed.I do use 2 light blankets on her,but I don't put them up past her shoulder blades(we're in FL though).


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 2

I feel for you. I would definetly get one of those moniters so you can get some sleep.


Justine - February 2

I've been told by my midwife that Sophie should only be allowed on her belly when I'm supervising her - at least until she can roll over by herself. Sometimes babies prefer being on their stomach because it helps digestion/wind. Sophie has problems with this and used to cry when put in her cot at about the same time as your baby (1am to 3am - great time!) because of the pain from the wind. I put her in the car seat now sometimes as its more upright and helps her breath and she sleeps fine in that. I let her go on her belly in the bed with me if I'm awake.



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