Sleeping On His Tummy

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Ruthie - December 22

OK, so I know everyone tells you not to let babies sleep on their stomachs, but today I put Matt down on his, and he fell asleep almost instantly - and stayed that way for 3 hours! (I was sitting on the floor next to him the whole time). For the past 2 days he had been horribly cranky and fussy, he hardly slept AT ALL, so I was loathe to wake him up. Anyway, I guess my question is, how many of you let your little ones sleep on their bellys? I mean, when I was a baby they told my mom NOT to let me sleep on my back! Is it really so bad?


Marys Jaime - December 22

Based on the American SIDS inst_tute 'belly sleep has


Marys Jaime - December 22

up to 12.9 times the risk of death as back sleep - Here is the link: I pressed the wrong b___ton so that is why my response is broken into 2 responses. As you see the probability is not mych higher, However, I do not let my baby sleep on her belly, I am paranoid about the whole SIDS thing. Another statistic from the same site: Incidence of SIDS in the year 2000 was of .56 cases out of 1000. It means that roughly 1 in every 2000 babies died of SIDS in that year. Significantly less than 5 years prior or more.


Stevens Mom - December 22

My son learned to roll over at about 4 months and since then he has slept on his tummy every night! There is nothing I can do to prevent him from sleeping that way too. I didn't like it at first but I'm o.k. with it now. Goodluck


Beccah - December 22

My son likes to sleep on his stomach also. He slept on his stomach for the first 2.5 months he was in the NICU (he's 3 months now), but he was on a heart monitor so it was ok. They say that it helps with digestion and gas. Helped me lots once I finally got him home, right? LOL He's done pretty good sleeping on his back in his bouncy chair, which is his crib right now. I am going to invest in one of those SIDS monitors this christmas so I can let him sleep on his stomach.


Ranya - December 22

I let Zein sleep on her tummy during the day as long as I'm around her and check her breathing frequently. I also have a movement monitor so it puts my mind at ease...Nevertheless, like Mary said, the word these days amongst paeditricians is not to let them sleep on their bellies.


Ranya - December 22

Stevens Mom, if you don't want to let him roll over, you could put one of thingies (I don't know what they are called) that you place in front and back and they fit right in them you know what I'm talking about (I'm expressing myself terribly :s )?


Shelly - December 23

Beccah,those SIDS monitors are a lot cheaper on ebay,I am not suggesting to get a used one,but they sell them brandnew for about $40.00 less than the retail price!!!


Toya - December 23

Asjani is 7 months old. When I lay her down to sleep it is on her back and if she rolls over to her stomach I leave her be. I believe it's okay if the baby is rolling over to his/her belly.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 23

Lucas naps on his belly but sleeps on his back at night. I would never get him to take a nap during the day on his back, because he wakes right back up. Most babies prefer their stomachs, and for most babies I think it is fine.



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