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ninerhere - June 17

We have been having a rough time with sleeping lately and have been trying different things to see what might work. Recently on one of the times my little one woke during the night I flipped her on her tummy and she calmed right down and slept peacefully for quite a while. I didn't sleep well still because I was paranoid about her being on her stomach, but she really seemed so much more comfortable. Since then I have tried it for naps and short periods of time when I can keep a close eye on her. She is just so much happier sleeping that way and I am not sure what to think. She is just shy of four months old and doesn't have any of the other contributing factors of SIDS babies that I have read about. She is actually a very big girl for her age. Probably around 18 or 19 pounds. The only thing is she hasn't started rolling over yet, but she holds her head up when she is on her stomach real well. Her four month appointment is coming up soon and I am going to talk to the doc about it then, but I just wondered if anybody else had tummy sleepers at this age and what your docs told you.


luvbendict - June 17

My ds loves sleeping on his tummy. He has been doing that since he was able to rolled over (31/2mths). The sleep positioner just make him uncomfortable and can't fall asleep. I tried to turn him around many times but he kept sleeping on his tummy. He is almost a yr old now and doing fine with it. Honestly I ve never even mentioned it to the dr.


ca_pink - June 17

This doesn't answer your question, but here's my 2 cent. I've heard that sleeping on their tummies is gives them similar comfort as being swaddled. Their own body weight against their chest supposedly gives them that snuggly feeling.


galvquodi - June 17

I do! I got a babysense II under the matress and all is well. The risk for SIDS decreases past 4 months and is very rare past 6....


bean - June 18

Keep in mind that when we were all kids sleeping on stomachs was recommended and back sleeping rarely happened. We all made it somehow! My dd is 5 weeks and we put her to sleep on her stomach frequently. We do all recommended things (she sleeps in a sleep sack, no pillows, blankets, toys, we don't smoke, etc), and I'm not at all concerned. Of course I get the evil eye from her pedi, but whatever. Sleeping on the belly helps with gas as well. I find that our dd is WAY more comfortable on her belly.



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