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nickie13 - February 20

Hey there, my baby girl is 4 months old, she likes sleeping on her tummy for her naps. Since she down stairs with me i check on her time to time but what about over night? she sleeps 10-12 hours anight. We use a angel pad. Do you let your baby sleep on tummy?


jilly01 - February 20

I let my dd sleep on her tummy, back, side, how ever she wants....I mean when i was kid i was tummy, the my step daughter was side and now dd back....what never head!!! LOL, no sitting up!! As long as you know that nothing is around her face, you know you check them a 110 times a night anyway don't stress let her be comfy!


jilly01 - February 20

that should have read.."what next....


Kena - February 20

I do b/c she sleeps much better. I know that now they say to put them on their backs but they used to say to lay them on there tummies. Who knows????


AshleyB - February 20

I guess they say to lay them on their backs because its been proven that babies sleep much deeper when they are on their tummies and they are less likely to wake themselves up if they were to stop breathing because they are in such a deep sleep. I just ordered the angelcare pad I can't wait to get it. Ds sleeps better on his tummy too, but I'm too afraid to let him unless it's on my chest or something.


mosley12 - February 20

ds likes to sleep on his tummy, but i always put him on his back. im to paranoid about sids. he'll be 4 months on saturday, out of the major risk period, so i might start letting him more. we have an angel care monito too and i LOVE it


sophandbob - February 21

I couldn't let little man sleep on his tummy until he was able to roll onto it himself and then roll back again. With the SIDS risk, it would give me too much of a sleepless night.


mandyrenfro - February 21

my son has slept on his tummy since he was 3 weeks old


sahmof3 - February 21

I let them stay on their tummy when they were old enough to roll onto in their sleep. I figured if they were strong enough to get into that post_tion and liked it better they'd be ok.


jwhite - February 21

I have let my dd sleep on her tummy since she was a month old.


Lala - February 21

Yes, it's true that they used to say babies should sleep on their tummies. However, the "back to sleep" campaign has DRASTICALLY reduced the SIDS rates! Is it really worth the risk?????


nickie13 - February 21

Well i tried putting her on her tummy last night and she did well but i got nervous and fliped her over b4 i went to bed.


AshleyB - February 21

I guess since the "back to sleep" campaign took over, the death rate has dropped a whopping 40%!!! I thought it was interesting.


Emmie - February 22

My son has slept on his stomach since he was 2 weeks old. I could never get him to sleep on him back. He had the startle reflex really bad and would jump out of his skin and wake up every time he would hear a noise.


amber508 - February 22

My half sister died of SIDS, so I am a little more parinoid than most I am sure. My 2 yr old sleeps however she wants now, but when she was a baby she only was allowed to sleep on her back. Her PED said once she could roll over front to back and back to front she could sleep however she liked. SHe always slept better on her tummy, but I was willing for the sleepless nights knwoing she was safer on her back. Shes ALWAYS on her stomach now. I have a two month old now as well, and only let her on her back, even if the tummy is more comfy for them. Good luck. Some ppl just let their lo's be comfy. My best friend let her son sleep on his stomach, he's a healthy 9 months now... to each their own.



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