Sleeping Pattern Of A 4 Month Formula Fed Baby

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Tanya - November 15

Just wondering what everyones babies are doing as far as schedules? My little guy goes to sleep around 8 at night (fed around 6) and then I feed him at 10 and he sleeps til 6 am but doesnt start to cry to be fed, I just automatically feed him cause I get up when I hear him. He then naps from about 8:30-9:30 and then again aroun 12-1:30 and then from about 3:30-5. I am mainly asking because this morning I gave him his soother while I was getting his formula ready and he totally went back to sleep, I eventually woke him up because I am really not sure how long is normal that they go without eating?? (Re 10pm-6am). Whats everyone doing at 4 months?


chelsey - November 15

Gabriel sleeps from about 9pm - 9 am, on average. He is 4 months old. Actually last night, he last fed at 8pm, went bed at 9:30ish, and woke up at 8 am, but didn't cry... he just kicked his piano, and cooed for an hour.


chelsey - November 15

oh, he's formula fed too.


monica - November 15

my son is almost 4 months on the 26 of this month. I have acutally posted here before because I was stressing out that he doesnt eat a lot and way less than when he was in infant. He is b___st fed all day except for his last bottle. he goes to bed at 8 then eats at 11 then sleeps until 6 but doesnt want to eat until 9. And he usually is still not hungry at 9 I have to insist on him drinking his bottle because that is just too many hours without food. He probably has a total of 10 oz before 4 after 4 he finally gets his appet_te. I am thinking of calling the dr. today. Because I am worried. How many oz. do all of your babies drink in 24 hours?


chelsey - November 15

Gabriel doesn't drink very much at all! Even on days that I dont give him cereal. He will probably only eat 20 - 24 oz. a day of formula. Worries me, but he's gaining weight, and growing good.


monica to chelsey - November 15

makes me feel better. I wonder why they dont eat that much and they still gain weight? maybe they need more milk when they are infants. Calebs drinks around 28-30 on a good day. Maybe forumula has more calories and they get fuller quicker....


chelsey - November 15

I'm not sure what it is, but with my daughter, I'm positive that she was drinking like 32oz or more a day at 4 months. Maybe I'm wrong....



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