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nic nac - June 22

Care to share your stories on how you got your precious ones to sleep through the night? What method worked for you?


taral - June 22

With my dd (now 5), we had to do CIO, she was a TERRIBLE sleeper. My dh and I used to dread bedtime because it was so stressful, even as a toddler. She is strongwilled, but by using CIO she has become a good sleeper and goes to bed fairly easily. Thankfully, my ds was and is a great sleeper and pretty much started sleeping through the night on his own. A few nights of turning off the monitor, and he was sleeping on his own!! Now I seem to be spoiling my 3rd baby, who is cosleeping, who knows when he will be sttn....


Beth B - June 22

I think I just got lucky ;-)


melissa g. - June 22

i just got lucky, my dd just did it on her own one night at about 2 and half months and kept going ever since, and she goes down for the night pretty easily, about 5 minutes of rocking and that's it. I would have used CIO though if we had problems(or if we have in the future)


nic nac - June 22

i used CIO too. my dd went from sleeping 8 hours to waking every two hours. As you taral, we dreaded bedtime. A friend of mine started co-sleeping with her 4th. Now he is 4 and still won't sleep in his own bed. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping i just think different methods work for different babies depending on their personalities. Oh, Beth B and melissa g. how in the sam hell did you get so lucky?? lol.


AprilMum - June 22

My daughter is almost five months old, and has been sleeping through the night for about three months. I'm not sure if there's really a trick that we used - but we do make sure that when she is awake, she is kept stimulated. She has all of her different apparatuses (exersaucer, swing, bouncer, etc.) and if I'm holding her, we're singing, or talking, or looking at new stuff - it's really pretty easy to keep them captivated because EVERYthing's new. Anyways, by bedtime, she is always quite ready to hit the sack. I'm not saying we overwork her - we just really make the day count. .....that sounds cheesy, sorry!


Mary - June 22



emilysmommy - June 22

I'm so lucky in that I've never had to do anything. My 4 1/2 month old has always been a good night sleeper. She falls asleep around 8:30 and will usually only wake once during the night for a feeding and then go back to sleep. Sometimes I co-sleep with her and sometimes she sleeps in her crib. She has no problem with either (knock on wood!!!!) lol


Bonnie - June 23

CIO for me too


Meredith - June 23

I started from the begining a__sociating night with sleep and day with play. No long daytime naps, no play at night. Alexia now sleeps from 8-9pm to 6-7am. She takes about 3-4 hours of naps during the day. I did let her CIO but it was never bad. I have more trouble with my 3 year old sometimes...both girls slept through the night around 6-8 weeks...


Jamie - June 23

I got lucky this time, Serenity started sleep 6-8 hour stretches when she was 3 weeks, went to 8-10 hour stretches when she started solids (5 months) and is now sleeping 10-12 hour stretches since she's been on table food. I did ignore the advice to wake her every 2-3 hours to eat, cause that just seemed stupid to me, but that's me. I'm sure my next one won't be such a natural sleeper.


Bonnie - June 23

Actually Jaime, I'm with you on that. If they are hungry they will wake up, KWIM?


Jenn2 - June 23

thanks ladies for you advice! I have a book called "baby wise", and I am thinking about using their sleep schedule to see if that will help with sleeping through the night. It basically says that from weeks 2 through weeks 6 to should let baby sleep, and right when they wake up feed them. If its daytime you need to give them a wake period so that they will tire out a little more by night. If its night time then they need to go right back to bed, and keep the stimulation down. It all sounds great, so I am going to see if it works. Has anyone else ever used this method or know anyone who has?


Jenn2 - June 23

oops! I ment to post under the thread I started on a similar topic. anyway, I think my answer applies to this thread too.


J.J. - June 23

Jenn2. I used a different sleep sked. I think you bathe baby at 6 p.m., feed at 7, and put to bed. Then get them up to feed one more time at 10 p.m. It worked pretty darn well. Helped create a structured sked. my son's now 7 mos and we no longer need the 10 pm feeding.


J.J. - June 23

Also, I should add, he used to fall asleep eating. Now he's often wide awake when we put him down. We put a few toys in crib, and one of those little activity things that hooks to the side of the crib...when you spin the roller or push the b___tons, it plays music, lights up...anyway, he'll play on his own in there and then pa__s out.


Lindsey - June 23

Whats CIO??



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