Sleeping Through The Night

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Julie - November 3

When did your children start sleeping through the night? My first son did at 6 weeks. He'd sleep from about 11-6. I am hoping this one will as well I am exhausted!


Heather - November 3

mine is 8 weeks and she sleeps from 10pm-8am, then eats, gets changed and normally wants to sleep for another 2 hours. At 4 weeks she was sleeping from 10-5. My tricks are... I dont let her nap much during the day nothing over 1 hour. and when its time for bed I swaddler her real tight in this streachy blanket and I have one of those sleep positioners with the memory foam pillow, I put that under one of her squishey blankets and she just snuggles right in. She also gets a binkie only at bed time, so she can learn to fall asleap on her own, and has. otherwise she used to want to nurse just for the sucking or be held till asleap.


glendy - November 3

my little boy is 6 weeks and sleeps from about 9-4:30...eats and then goes right back to sleep until about 7 or 8. i'm loving it:)


Jamie - November 3

My 12 week old sleeps from 9ish til 5...the only reason she wakes up at 5 is cause I co-sleep, and that's when my husband's alarm clock goes off; wakes up all 3 of us. But, she'll nurse for a few minutes, then fall back asleep while I'm changing her diaper, and sleep til 9.


Heidi - November 3

Are any of you b___stfeeding? I'm wondering when my 3 wk old will sleeping longer thru the night but right now she's up every 3 hours like clockwork to eat. Will she start to sleep longer thru the night eventually?


Eryn - November 3

OMG! I envy you guys. My little one is eight weeks and is up every two hours on the dot. Last night she was up every hour starting at 1:00am. Any tricks to help her go longer?


Heather - November 3

Yes, I nurse and durring the day she eats every 2 hours, sometimes sooner.


glendy - November 3

nope..i don't nurse, he eats about 4 oz every feeding, every since he was born he has just tended to sleep longer no real tricks to share i think every baby is just different.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 3

Amaya started sleeping through the night at about 3 1/2 weeks (when she went to her own room) She was sleeping 8-5 now she is sleeping from about 8-8 or 9. She still naps throughout the day (I actually found that the more she slept through the day the better she slept at night) She will take about 3 or 4 2 hour naps through the day.


Ashley - November 4

my son was 6 weeks when he started sleeping 8-4! we tried to keep him up later but no chance! its hard enough keeping him up until 8


Heidi - November 4

I read that b___stfed babies wake up more to eat. Emma is up every 3 hours to feed, sometimes four hours if I'm lucky! She's 3.5 wks old and I hope she eventually sleeps longer. She usually goes to bed around 9-10 at night and is up every three hours after that. I'm surprised I'm not a walking zombie as my b/f has been working two jobs so he's never home and I have to do the baby thing and take care of the house, which is spotless cus she sleeps so much! I got lucky. She's a pretty quiet baby!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 4

My son is 11 weeks old and just this past week or two we are doen to only getting up to eat once at night, at 2am, that seems to always be the time. He goes to sleep at 9:30pm and I usually ahve to wake him by 6:15 am because I work. If we are not leaving early that day he will sleep until 6:30 or sometimes 7am. I don't change him during the night and he is pretty much asleep while he eats and goes right back to sleep. He sleeps with me so it is pretty seamless. Heidi - November 4

Trinity is up every 3 hrs. to eat too...b___stmilk is thinner than formula and they do tend to eat more when you're nursing. Sometimes she'll go 4 hrs. but I just feed her and she falls back to sleep so I'm not complaining :) you're not alone Heidi ....


Jamie - November 4

Heidi, my baby is exclusively b___stfed and sleeps wonderfully.


d - November 4

My son began sleeping through the night by the 2nd month but by 5th he began wanting 3am feedings which I gave. Then for the 6th month I replaced the 3am feeding with a pacifier and now the 7th month he continues sleeping through the night but without the pacifier.


Heidi - November 4

I'd be happy if she slept 4-5 hours at a crack! Ha ha! I just hate the diaper changing cus then I'm wide awake after that. Luckily I just lay back down in bed with her and she feeds till she pa__ses out. She won't wake up when I burp her either but I'm guilty of falling asleep with her and not burping her. Oops! I'm only human! I gotta sleep too. Ha ha!


sian - November 4

both my girls started sleeping through at 2 son will be 2 weeks tomorrow and he wakes up once for a feed during the night-hopefully he'll sleep right through soon.not that im complaining im fine with getting up only once!



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