Sleeping Through The Night

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Ashleyg - February 23

my ds had been sleeping through the night, 8-12 hours since he was 2 1/2 months old. now he is 5 months old, and for the past couple of weeks he is waking up anywhere from 2-8 times PER NIGHT! i am going crazy!! anyone know why this could be?


jas - February 23

growth spurt, teethings... Just cause? My 10 month old does that every now and then and always has... He just does. I have nights where I wake up for no reason. I look at it, since I do it, why wouldn't my lo? He is human too.... I just know better and roll over to go back to sleep... My son on the other hand...


3babies - February 23

Teeth? Hunger? Is he getting ready for solids? Is there anything in the cot that is stimulating him? Is he warm/cool enough? Have you had him on a type of schedule or was it just his pattern? I try to eliminate all the controllable things first ... ie temp, food, pain etc, but I think it is a common time to begin night waking as they are more alert, but it depends on how you handle it, as to whether it becomes a pattern (JMO of course!) If he is waking a lot, I would tend to think it is more from teething pain? (No ear ache or anything like that?) I have found (only in my experience of course) that my kids have only had night waking from teething pain for a few nights max before they go back to their normal pattern. If they had persisted longer and I was confident that they were feeding enough during the day, and their day routine was still okay, I would think maybe it was just a new habit or level of alertness? Are you feeding him to get him back to sleep or settling him with other methods? I would suggest avoiding feeding him if you can ...maybe for a night or two, but then increasing what he is taking during the day to eliminate this as a reason for the night waking. If it is still a problem and you would like more suggestions I am happy to help. My 3 have all been great sleepers so hopefully I am doing something right! Good luck!


jwhite - February 23

sorry ashleyg i'm stepping in and asking a question also. 3babies, my dd is 7 months old almost and she has been a really good sleeper, but the past 3 nights she's been waking up between 1:30 and 2:30, the first two nights I was able to get her to go back to sleep by me rubbing her back and her going to sleep on her own, well last night she would not go back to sleep and she actually started balling so I went in and fed her 5 oz and she drank it in like 15 minutes and was out almost so I laid her back in her crib and seh went back to sleep until 6:15 this morning. Any ideas??


Ashleyg - February 23

3babies, mason has been sleeping 8-12 hours since just before he was 3 months old. he started solids about a month ago. temp in his room has stayed pretty may be teething but does that mean he will be like this until he gets most of his teeth? i have tried letting him nap more, nap less. i DO NOT feed him in the middle of the night because i dont want him to adjust to that feeding again. it just seems so wierd to me...i dont know what to do


Ashleyg - February 25



SuzieQ - February 25

I'm having the same problem. I'm so freakin tired. My dd is almost 5 months old and this week she has started waking up 4-8 times per night. She's really fighting her naps too - so I think it has to do with her being able to keep herself awake. I don't know. She has a white spot on her lower gum that might be slightly raised - or just wishful thinking - and I don't really know what a tooth looks like coming up. My solutions is to get her to accept a bottle this week so dh can get up with her every other time at night. Or we'll work in shifts....


Ashleyg - February 25

my dh and i tried the ferber method last night and it broke my heart. we let ds cry for a few minutes, then we would go in there and pat his back, cry, pat, cry, pat. he finally went to sleep after about 20 minutes and slept until about 7 am (it was 10p when he finally fell asleep.) i have heard really great things about this method and of course i have also heard really c___ppy things about it. i felt horrible when i heard my ds in his crib screaming bloody murder and i just dont think i can keep that up but i dont know what to do...i am exhausted. my dh is military so he works a lot and i am a stay at home mom but i am taking a full course load of college credits. please help!



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