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wannababyboy - February 13

Hi ladies, I was just wondering when your little ones started to sleep thru the night. My twins are 7 weeks old and I keep having people tell me that their slept thru by this point and well I am lucky if mine sleep 3 1/2 hours sometimes its only 2 1/2. I am formula feeding and they eat 150 mls everytime. My feeding guide says that they should be eating 120-150 by now but should I try increasing it and see if that works? Do any of you have suggestions, I am so exhausted and caring for two takes so much outta me I NEED more sleep. LOL. Thanks Trista


LisaB - February 13

Ha!! my ds didn't start sleeping thru until 12 months. I hope yours start sleeping thru much sooner than that but from all my friends with kids I think sleeping thru at 7 weeks is very very rare. I cant image having twins and when you sleep but just know that this time really does go by so fast and it will be much better soon. Hang in there.


wannababyboy - February 13

Thanks Lisa, I thought it was rare as well. However recently whenever I meet people with young babies I ask them and I always get the same answer. Oh well I am sure it will get longer and longer eventually I am in no hurry for them to grow too fast!


sahmof3 - February 13

My oldest was about 11 1/2 months. 2nd was about 2 1/2 months (b/w 8-10 weeks, I think) and my youngest slept through from birth (I know, I know... don't hate me!!). I hope your LOs decide to give you some zzzzz's real soon!!!!


lexa - February 13

My lo is now 4.5 months old and wakes only once. She goes to bed around 8:30ish and wakes around 4-5am for a diaper change and feed. If its around 5 or so, she stays up (errrrr). At 7 weeks, she woke up every 3 hours to eat. It depends on the babies. Only feed them if they are hungry! My lo would only eat 2 oz at a time. We were lucky to hit 3 in a feeding. Now she only eats 3 up to 4oz at a time. But she eats often. It doesnt matter how much they eat per feeding, as long as they are eating adequately in a 24 hour period. They may eat 2oz every two hours or 5 oz every 5 hours. It usually works out. Dont go by the guide, go by your lo's tummies. If they are hungry, feed them. If not, then don't. Sleep will come. Just find a routine and stick to it! It will work out.


Rhiannon - February 13

Hi wannababyboy. My twins are 6 months tommorow and they started really sleeping through at about 4 months. Before then I was exhausted. One of the things that really helped me was a bedtime routine. Every night , bath, bottle, bed. They now know what is happening and they settle down for the night. Good luck and it does get easier.


lin7604 - February 13

my ds is 1 weeks and still is up for 2 feedings a night


lin7604 - February 13

i ment 16 weeks.... oops


jolou - February 13

The feeding guides are guides, not rules - follow what your babies tell you. If they always finish their 150ml bottles, try upping them to 180ml. If they aren't hungry enough, they won't finish them. If they do you should find you get longer gaps between feeds.


srigles - February 13

My ds is 3 1/2 months, and didn't start sleeping more than two hours at a time until we moved him into his own crib in his own room two weeks ago. Now he sleeps from about midnight to 6am. Plus, we got into a routine like Rhiannon did - bath, book, bottle, bed. Just try to hang in there - I can only imagine what it would be like with twins, but just remember that time goes by so fast and "try" to enjoy it. Good luck! :)


Lchan - February 13

My son is 10 months and has yet to sleep through the night. He now sleeps from 8:30p to 3:00a and then wakes up every hour until 7am. I would love one full nights sleep!


mandee25 - February 13

My ds is 12 weeks today and he gets up once in the middle of the night to take 4 oz and goes back to sleep. He has been doing this for 2 or 3 weeks now. For example, he goes to bed at 10pm, gets up at 2 for a feeding and goes back to bed and usually doesn't get up for his next feeding until 6am. We usually go back to sleep for a few more hours after that. I can't wait until he sleeps through the night. Throughout the day he has about 5 6 oz. bottles between 8am and 12am.


mandee25 - February 13

Does STTN mean 5-6 hours straight? I have read that somewhere.


lin7604 - February 13

ya that is what i have read too, they say from 12 - 5 or 6 am is considered sleeping throught the night. well mine does that occasionally but normally he is in bed around 8 and gets up 4-5 hrs later for a feeding and then will sleep another 3-4 and get up for another feeding and then sleep 1.5 - 2 hr after that till 7-8 am.


Rhiannon - February 13

You should also try to feed them at the same time. I ff one of mine woke up, I would wake the other up to feed her so that I could maximize my sleep. Then after about 3 months I would play the gamble game. If one woke up, I would let the other sleep to see if she would sleep through. Usually the bigger one did.


MellyMel - February 14

My daughter is 13 weeks tomorrow and she has been sleeping through the night for the last few weeks. She goes to bed around 9 or 10 and isn't up until 7 or 8 a.m. She literally sleeps 8-9 hours some nights. I've thought about waking her, but I figured let her sleep if she wants and if she is that tired. But she still naps about an hour after her day bottles. I hope this doesn't change as she gets older. I also think the fact that she is a belly sleeper has something to do with how long she sleeps and that fact that she sleeps through the night. I hope yours is sleeping ttn soon!!!


wannababyboy - February 16

Thank u all so much for the replies. Oh and Rhiannon I do feed them at the same time, I want them on the same schedule. OMG it would kill me if I didn't do that LOL. Its funny but since this post they have been sleeping about 5 hours at a time. Thats all I needed.... Thanks again.



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