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DDT - March 12

Okay, my ds is almost 4 weeks old. For the last week I have put him into a routine where whenever he wakes up I change him, feed him his 2oz of formula, burp him, and then br___tfeed for about 10-15mins. I also bathe him twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). I started this routine because before that he was hardly sleeping - maybe 2hrs total during the day - and he would get so overtired (very fussy and grumpy). He was also insisting to be held in order to go to sleep and this just wasn't working. Now he sleeps wonderfully in his crib during the day and bassinet during the night. He is sleeping for 2-31/2 hour periods. I am not in any way complaining about this but now I am worried that he may be sleeping too much. He is hardly awake! It is such a change from how he was before. I can maybe keep him semi-awake for about 30mins to 1hr after his forumla feed. Should I be counting my blessings or be worried?Also, I've noticed when he is awake for anything more than 2 hours putting him to sleep can take up to 2-3 hours. He gets extremely fussy. Is this normal? Thanks for the feedback!


Emmie - March 12

I think that is probably fine. My son is almost 11 months and he still sleeps like 17 hours total or more. I think some babies are sleepyer than others, two hours at a time is plenty for a baby that age. I think as long as he is waking up to eat you are fine. This is kind of a funny story-when my son was about 8 weeks old I drank a vault(not knowing it was an energy drink) and then nursed him and he stayed awake for 10 hours completely wired. It was hilarious. BTW most babies are tired after having there bottle and are ready to sleeo.


hmreyna - March 12

Dont worry! Wow if only.... my ds just turned a year and he sleeps like 12 hours per night and takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day.. your baby is fine.


luviduvi - March 12

Don't worry about how much he sleeps during the day until it becomes a problem at night. When he gets to the age where he should be sleeping through the night but he can't, then re-evaluate his day time siestas!



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