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cae - June 21

Hi everyone. I have a 5month old and he is becoming to be more mobile everyday. How do you keep your LO warm at night when they are sleeping? Do you use a blanket, or just a sleeper? I have used a light blanket before, but I afraid of suffacation. He is moving all over the place in his crib. I have seen him make a complete 360 in his crib many times through our video monitor. So lately, I have been just putting a warm sleeper over his onsie so that he does not get wrapped up in his blanket. After, doing some reseach, using a light blanket or putting a sleeper on is the safest thing. Just wondering if you guys do anything different. Thank you all.


Kel - June 21

My dd is only 3 months old and she is already doing the 360 in her bed...well, not complete I guess. I put her in one way and I go to grab her and she is upside down! I'm nervous to put a blanket on her too cause she also kicks and I'm afraid she'll kick the blanket on her face. She doesn't really like those sleep sacks much either, she cried one night when we tired that. Now that it is nicer out, I just put a little heavier sleeper on her. Usually like a light long sleeve sleeper, then I can skip the blanket.


cae - June 21

Yeah, he is all over the crib. Upside down, sideways, you name it, hes done it. Not only am I worried about using a blanket but worried about the bumper as well. My son kicks the blanket and pulls it over his face, scares me! So I have been putting a sleeper on him, I am just afraid that he will get cold, since we usually have the air on.


JAI - June 21

My ds is 7.5 months...he also moves all over the place. We do not give him a blanket. I put a sleeper and a onsie on under every night. I am too scared he will out his face in it


Ang - June 21

I swaddle my son so I have the opposite concern -- i'm afraid he'll be too warm.


binkys mom - June 21

I used a light blanket...i was someone crochet for I mean it has the nice big holes in always seemed to work, that way if it ever did get over his face he could still breath. ...but i always kind of drapped it over his legs and it seemed okay.


Bree - June 21

I usually put my son in a onsie and cotton comfy pants over it w/socks. He cuddles w/his blanket but as soon as you put it on him he's kicking those fat legs up so he can hold it and cover his head. I move it a little after he's asleep, b/c I'm afraid of suffocation as well.


JEN - June 21

I'm with Bree- I put my ds in a onsie and a pair of sleep pants ( we love the old navy ones) cuz he kicks his blanket off after a few minutes. He has a taggie blanket to cuddle with, and it is pretty small, so I don't worry too much. We tried the sleep sacks, but ds hated them cuz he could not crawl around at all.


GD - June 21

Hi Cae, as i am reading this i am laughing so hard because how can they be so tiny and move all around the bed like crazy??? Well i have the same issue, it takes me longer to get up and put the blanket on him because in a matter of seconds he will start kicking and the blanket is gone. So i am worried that he is going to get cold and it has been raining for the last couple of weeks so it gets a bit chilly at night. Anyway i pretty much do like everyone else here... i give him a warm bath, put a onesie underneath and a light sleeper... and that is it... then i wait till he kicks the blanket to put it on him again....hehehe I


nic nac - June 21

same issues here. i take the blanket out and dress her in the fleece or the heavy terry cloth pjs with the feet. we keep it pretty cool in our home so the warm pjs help.


Bonnie - June 21

To be honest, Mason sleeps with a blanket. It is one of the thin receiving blankets. What is worse is that he isnists on putting it right over his face!( really worried me at first with the whole SIDS thing, but we've relaxed mroe after watching him enough. He sleeps light enough to moveit and without it just cannot sleep properly. So we finally caved in. Of course,being a mom I still worry and fret at times.


Bonnie - June 21

The only dash is after the 29


luvbendict - June 21

My ds also all over the place when he sleeps. I can't put him to sleep in the crib because he would bump his head so many times. Blanket did not work for him so I bought the sleeping sack and I like it so far.


cae - June 21

Thanks for sharing your stories. I love to get ideas from others. Looks like I will just put a onsie and warm sleeper on him for now. I am just not comfortable with a blanket. My ds like to kick the blanket up with his chubbie legs, and cover his face with it, and he thinks it is funny as he has a big grin on his face each time he does it. Just dont want the unimaginable to happend, so I dont want to risk it. I have soo many blankets, thick ones too, that I recieved from my baby shower, most i have not even used. I have never used the comforter for the crib, I wish I had never bought it, just there for looks. Oh, well. Thanks all again.


Rabbits07 - June 21

I don't use blankets once they start moving alot. I had a bad experience with my 4th baby. I heard him cry out in the middle of the night, but then he was quiet. I decided to get up and check on him anyway...when I got to his room I found him laying there with the receiving blanket wound around his head and face (he was only around 3 or 4 months old). He was jerking his head back and forth and snorting trying to get it off. I will never forget makes me want to cry and go hug him right now and he's 8 years old now!


SonyaM - June 21

Rabbits07 that is so scarey. It gives me chills just thinking about it. We don't use a blanket at all either. We used to use the sleep sacks but now that he is almost 9 months old those are not working. It is really hot here (Texas) so he sleeps in a romper and socks. I worry that his legs/arms will be cold but they are never cold to the touch so I guess he's okay. It just seems to hot for a sleeper. It's been almost a 100 degrees here lately so I don't want him to be too hot.


Bonnie - June 21

That is scary Rabbits! Maybe I will let Mason fall asleep and then try taking it off. :(



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