Sleepless At Night

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alverran - February 3

Ahhh--my dd has been waking up at least two times a night now. She normally goes down at 7 - 7:30pm then is up at midnight, then two, then when I get up to work she gets up... I am bfing her and have reintroduced rice cereal about a week and a half ago. (What a myth they sleep longer). She may take a couple of naps during the day but they are not longer than 1 hour. She used to sleep from 7 - 3 am and that was decent, now, oh my gosh what to do? I am pooped. I don't think enough coffee in the world can wipe the sleepiness out of my face. She is 6 months old... I haven't let her cry it out only because things seem to become worse.


lexa - February 3

I don't know if I can help you here (sorry). But is she maybe teething? Sometimes when babies are teething they will awaken more during the night...after you think they are in a great routine, bam, here comes the teeth and sleepless nights again. Other than teething, Im not sure. Hope that helps some.


kellens mom - February 3

My first thought was teething also. Do they have teething tablets in Italy? I have also given dd a dose of tylenol before bed. Dd was not grouchy during the day like I thought she would be. She only gives me fits at night.


bekysu - February 3

Ear infection? My daughter was always an excellent sleeper. One night she woke crying and couldn't get settled. My hubby and I new something was off b/c it wasn't like her. She had her first ear infection at 8 mths old.


Rhiannon - February 3

The OT who works with my daughters says that when a settled baby starts waking up more at night it might mean that they are about to accomplish a major milestone. Good luck.


alverran - February 4

Thank you for the tips everyone. She could be teething. I don't see any indication, however, I could be totally wrong. They do not have the tablets here, however, we are going back to the US to visit family and have a HUGE shopping list. Thanks for the tips. I am hoping it will change, but then again, we are flying 15 hours... Who knows what this will bring. Oh the joys. I love her to pieces.



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