Sleepy Baby

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Jamie - October 19

Ordinarily, my 10 week old daughter will sleep from around 9 p.m. til around 5 a.m., wake up to nurse, and go back to sleep til 9 a.m. Then she'll take about an hour nap at 11 a.m. and another one at 3 p.m. But, in the last 2 days, she has slept almost constantly. She was awake at 9 a.m. this morning, but was asleep again at 10, and is still sleeping (12:30). She does have a stuffy nose, I'm wondering, is she just sleeping off a bad cold, or should I maybe call a doctor?


CEM - October 19

i think as long as she gets up to eat you shouldn't be too worried. and make sure there's something in her diapers. she could just be gearing up for a growth spurt, which they usually have around 12 weeks. just keep an eye on her output, and i'm sure she'll be fine. :)


Kimberley - October 19

My little grandson, who is 12 weeks old, stays awake nearly all day, he only has 15 minute cat naps, but is sleeping 11 hours nightly. This worries me too....but I got his mum to work out how much milk he is taking during the day at each feed, and to work it out over a 24 hour period to see how much he is getting, and it seems he is eating enough during the day to cut out the night feed. He is having around 770mls per day, which for his weight (he was only 4lb 4oz born) is great for him. As the person above said, as long as they are still getting adequete milk, and wetting nappies, it should be ok, but if you are worried please go see the doctor, or if it lasts for more than 36 hours :)


Karen - October 20

My son is 7 weeks and has no sleep pattern at all. He was four weeks early and sleep almost all the time for the first 4 weeks. We had to wake him up every 2 hours at first. Now he wakes himself up every 3 hours or so. He now seems to be getting into a pattern by the number of hours slept. Time is off wak. He goes to sleep 6.30, 7.30, 9.30 10 10.30 11 any time he feels like. In the day 6.30 8.30 9.30. Then he has these cat naps 5, 10, 15 mins etc. Cant really plan a day around his napping cause he does not have a pattern. I have to work around his time. When he naps I get my stuff done.



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