Slept Thru The Night

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LisaB - June 6

Thank you ladies for all your help with my ds and his sleeping. Last night he slept thru the night all by himself (no cio) woke this morning at 7:45 and went to bed last night at 7:30. AMAZING. Lets hope it lasts!!!!!


Ginny - June 6

Yayy!! Congratulations!


krnj - June 6

Congrats LisaB, how did you do it? My ds is 3 & 1/2 months and still wakes up every few hours.


nic nac - June 6

Yayyeeee!!! I just responded to your questions under my original CIO nightmare post so ignore it if need be. I am so happy. Did you eliminate the feed? How did you do it? My dd slept through the past two nights from 7 to 6.


LisaB - June 6

I didn't do anything ds just slept thru. He did flip and sleep on his belly so maybe thats why. I don't know but I hope it is a sign of things to come!!! It would be great if after all the books I've read, people I've asked for help from and stressing for the past two months the thing that finally got ds to sleep through the night was himself. Maybe hes just ready or maybe its a fluke. I am hoping its a pattern he'll continue. My mom has been telling me to relax he will sleep thru the night when hes ready and I told her it would never happen- I guess sometimes mom does know best. lol


nic nac - June 6

LisaB keep us posted. My ped said at 6 months they should be sleeping through the night. and that it would eventually happen. not to worry. But i have been stressing like you so please keep us posted of the progress so we can see if was a fluke or a sign of good things to come. pray it's the latter.


Rabbits07 - June 6

Wonderful!!! DS has slept through 3 of the past 4. Isn't sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch so blissful?


nic nac - June 7

once babies can flip themselves over on their bellies they do sleep longer because it's more comfortable. I forgot to ask you if you have any crib toys like oceans wonder aquarium, or a crib bear or anything like that. When my dd woke up last night i put the aquarium on and she went back to sleep. The only problem is that it only lasts for 10 min so i had to reset it a couple of times.


LisaB - June 7

I don't have any crib toys in there we have the ocean wonders mobile and a fish mirror but ds thinks its play time and will stay awake to play so we have made his room just for sleeping quiet time and changing. We are always very chill in his room. He slept thru the night again last night, its funny because I am still waking up when he used to so hopefully now he is sleep trained I can train myself to sleep thur the night again. lol. I had tried seversl times putting him on his side and belly for sleeping and he always screamed, I guess he was just ready (finally!!!!!!!!!!!) Oh ya I tried using a blanket because its been hot when he goes down for bed and then cools off but he plays with that also, I guess he gets distracted pretty easy!!


nic nac - June 8

good for you LisaB. I have the fish mirror too but I removed it as well and only use it for a tummy time toy its too distracting.



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