Smelly But No Discharge Blood

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Lesley - November 18

I have a 11 day old son. I have noticed the last coupe of days I have had a smell but no discharge. I have stopped bleeding too. The smell is like vinegar. I am not in any pain at all. I have no idea what the smell is or what if it means - if anything. I read that if there is a vile smell it could mean there is some afterbirth still inside your womb, but I have had no clots or nothing either. My health visitor isn't coming out untill Monday, and my midwife isn't out again untill Wednesday and thats her last time. I forgot to ask her the other day cos I was more concerned with my sons hearing. Has anyone ever experianced anything like this before? If you have then what was it? I will be booking in to see my doctor on Monday but that is 3 days away :-(


bump - November 20



Ranya - November 20

Hey Lesley, I noticed a smell too when my baby was about a week wasn't nasty but it wasn't pleasant either. I was worried because I had an episiotomy and my doctor said it's very important that I don't get an infection etc...and that a foul smell could mean just that. For me it turned out to be just the discharge from my uterus, but I still get bleeding every now and then and you say you don't...are you sure you've completely stopped? I can go on for a couple of days without soiling the panty liner and then all of a sudden I'll have some discharge. Anyway, the smell went away after about 4-5 days. Sorry could't be more rea__suring :s


Lesley - November 20

I have had no bleeding since baby was 8 days old. He is now 13 days. I think 8 days is too soon to of stopped. I remember with my 1st son I was bleeding for about 4 weeks. With my daughter is was about 3 weeks. I had no st_tches or nothing. I will have to mention it to my health visitor tomorrow although I will most likely have to see my doctor about it. Even when I wash the smell is still there :-( It's really doing my head in.



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