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Smilefull - March 4

Okay, I felt terrible about what's happened, and have really been effected about how my actions were percieved. I didn't just post a thread because someone somewhere said they were a size 00! I love everyone's shape and size--I really do! I acted out of anger because I was so flabergasted that someone could be so boastful in a thread that was there to support people who wasn't feeling so gorgeous that day. Ironically I just opened up a thread were everyone supports this kind of behaviour, and given the person who I thought was being rude a platform for a "Don't have me because I'm beautiful" discussions. Thinking about it now I assume she didn't realise it was that kind of post...albeit the name being "When will I fit into my size 0 pants again?" should've eradicated that possibility--but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I am a good person. I've been on this site for almost two years now. I left for 5 months after my daughter was born. I love this forum and I hate how things turned out.


ry - March 4

Aw smilefull, you have a great personality and really its not that big of a deal. I guarentee this will be long forgotten in a matter of days!


Smilefull - March 4

thank you ry. my poor husband was like "what is going on??!"


CyndiG - March 4

Don't worry, it'll b__w over. They always do. Everybody says something out of line sooner or later. You've apologized, that's all you can do. Just give it a day or two and it'll pa__s. About the time it makes it to page 2 or 3, you're in the clear! :O}



Hey Smilefull, we all step on some toes from time to time. BUt what's important is everyone usually gets over pretty quickly.You have apologized and everyone understands. =0) HUGS


Smilefull - March 4

allright--I'll just keep posting in a whole bunch of threads (; --thanx Cyndi.


aurorabunny - March 5

Smilefull everyone on here has p__sed off somebody at some point. =) Keep posting with your sense of humor, you make me laugh.


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

It's okay to be jealous, smilefull. I'm jealous your married :( hehe.


hello - March 5

Just remember, i am sure it makes some people ill to read about how slim one person is, ....i am slim also, maybe not a size 00 whatever that is but i'm a size 8 to ten in aus terms, I agree with pb where in the other thread she spoke of jealousy reading about the happily married folk, same way the larger happily married folk cringe when they read about the slim folk..... My point is this... we are all envious sometimes and u can be slim but it doesn't mean u are happy.... I bet anyone struggling with weight is far more happier with their loving partner and family than a slim person on their own.... not a pity party, not crying a river....just different ways to see things sometimes.... Good on ya pb for maintaining your figure that way,


vonzo - March 5

Isn't this lovely...all harmonious and everyone getting along...amkes me wanna sing a song "What we need is a great big melting pot, big enough to fit the world and all tis got ...*musical interlude* ... I like big b___ts and i cannot lie..." :o) Well i think im US 12 (not too sure on the old converting sizes but at the moment im wearing clown trousers!!! AF decided to rear her ugly heqad catching me offguard so ive had toborrow a pair of my mums trousers for work as i didnt have enough time to go home. The hanging gusset look is SOOOOO attractive on me!!!


vonzo - March 5

PS scuse typos, im sneakying at work *slaps wrist*


Heather F - March 5

No worrie smilefull - its already forgotten!


Paula S - March 5

I honestly do not know why anyone would want to be a size 00. From my experience, it is not by choice. It also must be extremely hard to find clothes. I was a size 6 before my last pregnancy and I would never want to be smaller than that. Right now I wear a size 8/10. I just want to lose the last 10 pounds and if I end up a perfect size 8 I will be ecstatic! The truth is it is not healthy to be either underweight or overweight.


KLC - March 5

Hey Smilefull...I'm a size 12 too!!! I think curves are beautiful!


MM - March 5

I kind of agree with smileful. I would not post "I'm happily married & my husband is the sweetest guy" on a thread where someone was venting about problems with dh or bf or being single.


Mommy_to_be - March 5

Haha MM put it perfectly...and I agreed with your original post. Everyone loses weight's easy for some and hard for's rude to post that you are anorexic skinny when other women are truely upset about how they're looking these days! Their post would have been more important if it left out sizes and just stated they finally reached their target weight or something! Anyway...a study was done stating that men aren't attracted as much to waist size as they are to a certain stomach to hips ratio. I am now a size 8...I used to be a 3....I'm not discouraged...I'm still working on it and went out and bought a new wardrobe that looks good on my new body!


Smilefull - March 5

aurora--thank you! hello- totally get what your saying, in college I wasn't skinny, but I had a decent body--but I was never as happy as I am now with two beautiful kids. i think when we're not a relationship we're more motivated to maintain certain standards? Anyone with me on this? vonzo- hey! youagain? You wouldn't happen to know "Khumbaya" chord progression? We can all hold hands...Paula-totally agree KLC- Curves are gorgeous, I'm so happy that the media is coming around to not just portraying one body type. MM& Mommytobe--thank you for the support girls. For awhile there I thought I had become the devil incarnate! Mommy---I know the study--it's middle to hip ratio, rather than actual weight. Frankly they didn't care what the scale said. Thank you for remembering that! A size 3? whosers! Enjoy that new wardrobe!



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