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vonzo - February 12

You've been away for AGGEESSS! How are things with you and your lo?


Smilefull - February 12

HA! Months! She's still gorgeous. I'm blubbery still, but sooo enjoying not being pregnant. And she goes to sleep at 11 and sleep through all night till 6's sooooo nice. She says "Da-da-da", which just p__ses me off, since I'm with her all day, getting puked on and changing daipers, but dad comes home from work and he gets the da-da.How are you doing??? What's been going on with your little one??? Getting sleep?? I remember you and I reminesing about the days of sleep last we spoke..THEY;RE BACK!!!


vonzo - February 12

She's saying da da already?!?!?! Amber just sqwuaks...i think she's part bird!! What did you call her again? Sorry i forgot :o( Well Amber's been sleeping through since about 8-9weeks thankfully!! She'l go to bed between 7.30&8.30pm and will get up around 7-8am it's GREAT!!!! I'm still very blubbery too! I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks but have put it all on again in a week HAHA Free Willy eat your heart out! I went back to work last Monday, i'm only part time in the afternoons, it was tough but the new job is pretty good and everyones really relaxed so it's made it much easier. She can roll over from back to front now and LOVES her solids, she's just like a wee person now it's crazy! If you;ve got myspace go to and add me and you can see all the pics i have up of her :o) Really glad you're back i'd been wondering how you were getting on!! :o)


Smilefull - February 12

OMG you're gorgeous! No talk about blubber!! You got her on solids already? Chantelle doesn't want to..she's still got the tongue reflex thing going on. Her official name is Chantelle but we started calling her Liedjie --long story...pronounced Leaky which is incredibly accurate--my sleeves are soaked from all the spit when holding her, and Liedjie means "Little song" in my mother tongue. You're back at work! That must be so hard/such a relief! I dream of leaving the house to do something other than tending to babies. I'm so glad they're easy going. How you liking it?


pinkbo0tlace - February 13

vonzo my myspace is add me please :) thanks


vonzo - February 13

Leaky....that's an unusual name but i hear you with the drool thing! Amber's got a wee chapped chin and cheek from the amount she drools!!! I leep having to slap the sudocrem and vaseline on it! I'm really enjoying the new job, it's not too taxing either, don't get me wrong it has it's moments, but generally the day breezes by....i've probably spoken too soon!! How old is your other kiddy? Amber had bother with the rice at first, i think it because she didnt really like it, but loves sweet potato and banana&mango puree, she's such a wee heffer :o) You should register on myspace (if you haven't already) and add me, then we can compare babies LOL, the were born on the same day weren't they?!


vonzo - February 13

oh, pinkbo0tlace ive added you :o)


Smilefull - February 13

Ruhan turns two today! Amber is eating--mango and banana puree sounds so yummy. I haven't done the myspace thing. I got my own business and website, and I'm setting up the website all day so I just don't feel like ALSO setting up another recreationally. So what is this I year about a relationship blooming online? Causing quite the buzz..Seriously, I have had enough of your s___tty ways girl. It's over between us. '


vonzo - February 14

You can't leave me Smilefull, you love me too much, and anyway you left me for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you expect just to wait for you? Well i did *sniff* and well *sob* you never came back to me...*uncontrolable wailing*..... we can start afresh!!


vonzo - February 14

Hope Rhuan had a great birthday!!!!


Smilefull - February 15

Ruhan isn't old enough to know exactly when his birthday is so we're actually going to be having it this weekend when my folks are in town. All we do is bake a big character cake--last year it was a rabbit. .....and about us---it's over---I mean, I know a girls got needs, but how can I ever trust you again?


vonzo - February 16

CyndiG and I never consumated our "relationship" it was more about the company than real lurve!!!! *sniffle* i hope you reconsider.... "i love you baby, and if it's quite alright i need you baby, to warm the lonely nights, oh pretty baby, trust in me when i saaaayyyyy...." What character is he getting?


Smilefull - February 16

*break out in a tap dance* da-daaa da-daaa da da da! "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh prettttyyyyy baby!!!" allright got carried away there---you lie!! I read what you said to her!! You take me for a fool!! A duck---he is big into ducks right now...he says "Duck---Kack Kack"...ducks and firetrucks-"EEEE-oooooo EEEEEE-ooo" strange combo but with me as a mom anything is possible.


Smilefull - February 17

Dude, I'm p__sed---I know it's not very good forum etiquite to post before someone has answered, but I'm about to b__w--and I already posted on another board, but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh MY FRICKEN MIL JUST SHOWED UP TONIGHT---AFTER I TOLD HER I'D SEE HER ON MONDAU CAuse my folks are coming over....I'm so mad I can write in capital letters!!!! And ofcourse I can't b___h to my hubby because it's not his fault..I'm just about to pull my hair out, I swear.


vonzo - February 17

Put salt in her coffee and tell her you can't taste any difference, must be a better brand of coffee than she's used to! I did that once to someone who was being a total cow to me!! Extremely immature but i enjoyed myself heehee I'm obsessed with ducks!! Im trying to get dh to build us a pond so i can have a duck and call him Harold!!! Our gardens teeny though so i doubt it's going to happen. I shall persevere though!! back to MIL, get your mum to drop subtle snippy little comments, mums are SO much better at doing that! :o) Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the weekend with your family :o)... I still love ya LOL


Smilefull - February 18

that's fricken awesome. I'm totally doing that. the only way to survive is get back in little subtle/non-lethal ways like salt in're bloody brilliant my girl. I will report back on what happened....and yes, I love you too ! My little girl is getting baptised tommorow---got her the most incredibly adorable dress with coat combo. Ducks you say. You'll get along brilliantly with my boy. I love naming animals human names---it so awesome--Harold is just perfect. I had a fish named Bob. No one seemed to understand...they're like why don't you call it Tequila---or something creative. No. His name is Bob. Persevere--persistence will pay off with the men.


vonzo - February 18

My hubby had a fish called Bob too! Sadly he is now in fishy heaven though. Hope the Baptism goes well! I bet she'll look gorgeous! Amber got christened on the first Sunday in advent and was that grumpy i had to leave the church with her. Apparently i had a lucky escape as there was a preacher woman who kept condemning everyone to hell!! John kept whining that i didn't go back and save him haha. You'll need to send me a piccy of you and your loverly family all dressed up for it :o) Oh another trick for the evil one is an old one but a good one, again with the salt... If she adds salt to her food loosen the lid on your salt shaker if you can and offer it to her first...teeheehee ahhh the childish ways are the best! GOOD LUCK!!



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