Smoke Please Help Concerned 1st Time Mom

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amber - January 9

My mom is visiting us in Ohio from California, and is a smoker. Sadly she has a very bad back injury and we live on the 2nd floor with no balcony and the hallways are to remain smoke free. Since she cant really handle the stairs, i have told her she can smoke in the bedroom she is staying in. She is only here until Febuary 2nd so I figured that after the 2nd, we could get the smoke out and all will be just fine. My baby is due on the 21st, so it's not like she will be around the heavy smoke long. The bedroom door remains closed, and I am doing my best to keep the smoke smell from the house, though it is hard as the windows are closed due to snow/cold. I am VERY concerned about SIDS, and heard that passive smoking can increase the chance of it by two times. How likely is this going to hurt my baby? Is the chance less because it is only for 10 days she will be here with my baby? She has been here and smoking around the bedroom since the 5th. Please help, has anyone any ideas? Or been thru something similar?


disgusted by family - January 19

i live wiht my grandparents who smoke at free will in the house whenever they want...granted it is thier home but they know that i am prego and it could hurt the baby...i mostly just stay in my room with the door closed so i dont have to smell it...but my grandmother just bought a window fan.....just a small one and u can adfjust it to suck out the long as they sit near the window and have the fan pulling out the smoke should escape and if it is pulling the air your mother should not get cold


moe - January 21

If I were you I would tell your mom that she can't smoke in the house that is very bad for the baby. And she should understand. I don't let anyone smoke around my kids especially indoors. It is your house. Or you could let her set by the window and b__w it out the window even if it is cold and close the bedroom door. In my opinion I would say sorry Mom it's bad for you and the baby and if you want to smoke then you'll have to go outside, even if she is in a wheelchair.


Hello - January 21

I agree with Moe. SMOKING is bad for the unborn and the newborn or any child or anybody.


Michelle - February 9

I think that if your mother respects you and your child in anyway, that she will no be offended if you request that she not smoke while there. Its better for everyone anyway. My step-mother is a very heavy smoker and when I had my first child, she refrained from smoking for the entire duration of their visit (2 weeks).


Rachel - February 10



Maleficent - February 11

having smoking and non smoking sections of a house is like having clorinated and non clorinated sections of a swimming pool. you simply cant do it. once it's in the air it travels. whats more important? her need to smoke or babys need to breath?


Aimee Carela - February 18

I think you should tell your mom that if she cares ,to not smoke.For the health of your baby and if she can't try leaving the baby at someones house while she's smoking


To amber - February 22

Great responses people!! Don't let your Mom pawn off her bad habit on your innocent growing baby. If she has any compa__sion, she will understand and find another way to smoke outside your presence or refrain for the bit of time she is there.



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