Smoking Around My Baby

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JenniferB - March 12

This makes me so freaking mad. My husband's family has us over and a couple of people seem to think it is just fine to light up a cigarette right next to my baby. I just think it is so incosiderate. It would be nice if they would go outside but they could at least leave the room.


Kara H. - March 12

I just wouldn't go over there anymore. The host or hostess shoud be the one to ask her guest to smoke outside while your LO is present. If she/he won't do that, I would decine the invitation. I have several friends who smoke and even THEY go outside at their own home when Max is present. Max will even get terribly congested if we are seated in a restuarant too close to the smoking section, so I certainly wouldn't take him anywhere that he would be in a enclosed space with a smoker.


CyndiG - March 12

I ditto Kara! Smoking is not allowed around my kids period! When Morgan was a baby she kept having ear infections. I didn't know why??? Come to find out, everytime she was around my mil she was smoking right there at her! I found out and put a stop to it! No one in my family smokes any longer so it's not an issue now. But even in a restaurant, I won't sit even close to the smoking section. I've been known to get up and move everyone, it embarra__ses my dh to death, but I don't care. LOL!


JenniferB - March 12

Oh, I get up and leave the room or go next door to my husband's grandmother's house. I just don't know why at this point people don't get it through there heads that they shouldn't smoke around children. I smoked for 15 years, I quit 5 years ago. I always went outside to smoke.


mischelly30 - March 13

I'm sure it's not malicious, they're just not paying attention to what they're doing, smoking is that much of a habit. Just tell them not to smoke around your child. Regardless of whether you're a guest or not, you have the right to speak up on behalf of your baby.


Emily - March 13

I would def say somthing to them and if they continue to do so, dont go over there. I never allow smoking around my kids. I always had such a hard time round smoke so I dont put my kids thourgh it eiether. We were at a resturaunt once and my dd was talking to a man next to us. He thought she was cutest thing, as a lot of older ladies and gentlemen do, but pretty soon he got up and moved to a dif table. He said to us, it isn't you guys, I just dont want to smoke next to them. we thanked him for his concideration. If only everyone was like that, with cigeretes or other things.....


mandee25 - March 13

Yeah NOBODY smokes around my baby. My MIL and FIL both smoke as well as my dad and they do have the common sense not to let anyone smoke in their homes around Noah. Even while I was pregnant I got pizzy when anyone tried to smoke around me. It is the non-smokers rights to speak up since second hand smoke can be worse than actually smoking the cigarette. It's just ignorant to do since now everyone knows how bad it is for your health.


LisaB - March 13

I was gonna post along these lines today I saw a couple in the car with their 2 kids windows cracked just a bit and both parents were smoking. There was a little baby (car seat backwards) and a toddler in the car. Maybe we should need permits to have childern!! Morons.


JenniferB - March 13

They are actually trying to pa__s a law in RI that prohibits people from smoking in the car with children under five in the car. People are p__sed about it. They shouldn't need a law, people should just have common sense.


ashtynsmom - March 13

They are working on that same law in Illinois. No smoking in the car with children present.


Ciarasmom - March 13

I'm not sure if you know this or not but for the smoke to affect ur lo it doesn't have to be from a lit cigerette. Babies noses pick up sents stonger because they breath much faster, so even just being picked up by someone who smokes the baby can be affected. If ur going into a house of smokers it most likely will have the same effect with or with out them smoking. I would just not go there anymore and if they want to see the lo to come to ur house. If they have a problem with it explain how you feel about your lo and the smoke.


JenniferB - March 13

Ciarasmom I didn't realize that. My FIL smokes so much that the baby reeks after he holds him. I usually bring the kids home and change them and wash anything that i had with me. blah


Ciarasmom - March 13

Oh no, I wish people would think of other people besides themselves especially now that we know how harmful second hand smoke is. I don't or really try not to let anyone hold my dd who smokes. If they do hold her it is only for a few seconds. I made my dh quit before she was born for that reason and when I told my midwife she was very happy and said that it will reduce the risk of SIDS. I told her that he only smoked outside but she said that didn't matter because she can pick it up on their clothes.


ash2 - March 13

There was a thing in the news that said second hand smoke as well as third hand smoke ( in clothes, furniture ) contributed to about 15 percent of childrens deaths each year !!! Just dont do it !!!


eclipse - March 13

My husband is so adamantly against smoking that he didn't even like my dad holding our baby if he had smoked within the half hour before(he smokes a pipe). After not being around it for awhile now, I did really notice how it smells and babies are so sensitive. Thank goodness Florida doesn't allow smoking in restaurants anymore. I can actually taste my food now! I hate when people are so arrogant to just light up around a newborn-at least my dad goes outside when he smokes. I would not go over there and if they ask why, tell them "if you are not going to respect my wishes, no baby for you." It is dangerous, not to mention the fact it is just plain rude.



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