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Deirdra - January 18

southern massachusetts got its first snow


krnj - January 18

We got some flurries here in NJ. We got my son a sled for Christmas but I don't know if he'll be using it this year! lol Where in Ma__s are you? I went to college up there.


ash2 - January 18

We had an ice storm here in south carolina. Nothing but sleet, freezing rain, and ice ! I would love to get snow ! We havent had it since 2 years ago !


SonyaM - January 18

We just had a major ice storm here in Texas. Thank goodness we didn't loose power but several of my friends did. They even cancelled school for two days in our town and my husband couldn't go to work for two days. The word is we might get a repeat next week. Ought to be interesting.


sahmof3 - January 18

We may get our first little dusting here tonight into tomorrow morning. SonyaM... I'm glad you guys didn't lose power! I still can't believe TX has had more winter weather than PA. And for awhile there we were warmer than L.A. Absolutely crazy!!!!


18wbabynov - January 18

major snow here in chicago!!! finally! its the nice kind thats not heavy and wet... its just a little dusty and very pretty! a natural wonder! sorry to hear about the mess in tx...


Deirdra - January 19

Im in southern worcester county Krnj...


mcatherine - January 19

Well, it's Friday morning - and we finally, finally got snow, too!!! Yay! Northeastern PA!!


Rabbits07 - January 19

We had our first snow here in southwestern VA a good month or so ago if not longer! We've actually had 2 or 3 snows already.


sahmof3 - January 19

mcatherine... lucky you! I hate snow, but would like to at least see a little lol. We had just the slightest amount right along the edge of our driveway, that was it!


mcatherine - January 19

sahmof3 - all this whining about it and every single one of us is sick and can't go play in it!!! We only got a couple of inches at most, but enough to turn everything white and beautiful! Hey - it's only January 19th - we have another month or two to go yet! I'm sure you'll see it!


shelly - January 19

we were supposed to have snow in the uk but no sign of it yet.


missy - January 19

We are supposed to get some snow on Sunday!! I sure hope so--but our weather here in Cincinnati Oh changes every 5 minutes!!!!!


vonzo - January 19

we got some in scotland shelly!! You got the wind, we got the snow and rain hehe


lexa - January 20

AAAH.....snow. We got it too. Sure looks much better than seeing the rain we've been having here! Looks better too. Now everything is white instead of brown! Now it looks like winter. UGH...I hate the cold!


sahmof3 - January 20

Lexa and mcatherine... looks like east and west PA. got it and we (South Central) are in a little bubble! It is sooo windy and freezing here, today, though.


lexa - January 20

Oh can take ours! Snow I can deal with...freezing cold I can't. It seems the older I get, the more I can't withstand the temps anymore:-( However, one thing never changes...a good ol cup of hot cocoa:-)



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