Snugli Carrier

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Kris10 - March 26

Anyone have it? How do you like it? I got the maya wrap sling for a baby shower gift, but its so hard to use (I'm not very coordinated!). I would just like to hear how others experience with snugli has been.. thanks!


Jbear - March 26

I have a Snugli and I like it a lot. It's the one that can be worn like a backpack once the baby's older. Once the baby gets to about 16 or 17 lbs, the snugli gets too uncomfortable as a front carrier. You have to wait until baby can sit well on their own to use it as a back carrier, so I haven't tried it that way yet. I had a homemade maya wrap (they have directions to make it at their website) and only used it once...but I have seen some people using it and seeming really comfortable. They also have videos you can watch on the website, to see the different ways you can use it.


Mommy - March 26

I had a Snugli and I LOVED it. I would take both kids out and not have to worry about getting a double stroller right away. It's easy to get baby in and out of, it's cheap, and baby gets to stay close to you and hear your heart when facing in. The only downside is while it can hold a bunch of weight, like 28 lbs I think, can your back hold that. I don't use mine anymore because my 10 month old is too heavy. Hip Hammock (sp?) is also a good investment. You can generally use them up to toddler-hood.


Erin1979 - March 26

I have a snugli, and it was a lifesaver when my daughter was born. I couldn't put her down, and this way I had my hands free to fold laundry or brush my teeth!! I have the one that turns into a backpack carrier as well. My dd is 7 months, and we still use it now!


Kris10 - March 26

thanks for the info ladies :). I think I had my mind made up about getting one.. now I am totally looking forward to it! My dd loves being held all the time, which makes it hard for me to do anything around the house or with mr 2yo! I'll let u all know how I like it! :)


AmberLee - March 27

I have the ultimate baby wrap. I adore it, it takes a min to get used to it, took me an extra 1min the first time i used it. I put Conner in it for a walk, for cuddle time (when im on the computer), nursing while i walk around the house, shopping, and we even took him to a movie while he was wearing it! Its very nice, and cuddly, as he sits up against my chest and we have lots of snuggle time! (I gave away my snugli once i got this!!!)



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