So I Took A Test

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USMC_wife - February 12

And I got a very faint line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me a while to post this as I was busy having a stroke. The line was the faintest of faint lines, but there none the less. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'll have to call my doctor because of my IUD. If you guys don't hear from me that means I've been admitted to the looney bin.............


Erynn21 - February 12

Positive is positive, mine was really faint w/ my dd, but it was there and she's here. You do need to call your doctor.


ash2 - February 12

Your preggo ! Congratulations ! Any second line is a positve. The second line on my second child was very faint too, and he is here also ! BTW...what is IUD


piratesmermaid - February 12

Yes, yes, call your doc, and keep us updated!!!


LisaB - February 12

Congrats- whoo what does that mean seeing as though you have an iud??


jenrodel - February 12

Wow! Let us know what happens... I just posted on your other thread... if you are pregnant, congratulations... please don't go to the looney bin... wow.


Deirdra - February 12

an IUD is an intra uterine device....and having and IUD usually results in either 3 things...1 being a tubal pregnancy and then a dr induced mis carridge...2...a miscarrige all its own...b/c nothing can seal right or 3...a pregnancy in which the IUD must be removed later in pregnancy and it is consiered high risk...good luck hunni and keep us you have me worried about mine is remmeber correctly you got yours about the smae time i got mine...and i believe her LO is 2 1/2 months old...


luviduvi - February 12

WHAT????????????????Not to make this about me but I have an IUD.........So help me Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My first babe had a faint line too. Well, every baby is a blessing and I wanted to say congrats! I don't know what your status is but medically I CAN NOT have anymore children so I really really need my IUD work. They are saposed to be 99.99% effective. you must be a "chosen" one.!


luviduvi - February 12

WHAT?????????? Two and a half months old? I am going to have a stroke for you USMC_wife! No, I am here to support you my dear...have you told your man? Are you going to tell him for V-Day?


Mellissa - February 12

congrats! i hope things go well for you. which IUD do you have? let us know what your dr says!!


luviduvi - February 12

Oh my gosh...I just read what I wrote. didn't mean to come of so inconsiderate. USMC, if you are happy, I am happy, if you are scared, I am scared and will be here for you sweetie!!!


sahmof3 - February 12

Oh my!!!! I think it is likely a true +, BUT you said your baby is 2 1/2 months. How many weeks is that? I was told after my m/c that pregnancy hormones can stay in your system for 8 weeks after a m/c... not sure how long after a birth they can be there... but you should definitely see your doc and get it confirmed. Either way... good luck. I'd be having a stroke, too, right about now!


srigles - February 12

OMG, I'd be having a stroke too! But that's so awesome - congrats!


Deirdra - February 12

during the first year of and IUD their can be accidental pregnancys so extra protection can be takes almost a full year to get completely set...i mean it works right away but you can still have pregnancys even after the year as well...what do you have Luviduvi? I have the 5 year mirena...


lexa - February 12

Oh wow! Congrats?!? I hope all works out for you:-) Let us know what the doc says.


Erynn21 - February 12

IUD's fail I am a child conceived when my mom had an IUD, it happens. Is it a Mirena? I was just reading about these and it actually says they don't really know how they work in the fine print published by the manufacturer, WTF??? I am really hoping that everything is okay w/ you. It just can be super risky to have an IUD and get pg.


Heather F - February 12

Oh my god, you got a pos. with an IUD??? Now I'm scared, I have an IUD and I was b___st feeding until 2 months ago and I STILL havent had a period since I had my dd (she is 10.5 months old), my ds and I joke about preg. but I figured I was safe with the IUD!!



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