So Annoyed

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3babies - February 10

We have a friend with 3 girls, one of which can be a bit of a handful. The other day she was trying to take my baby's bangle off her hand. I asked her not to do that as it hurts Abbey, and we dont want to lose it etc. Anyway, I spent the rest of the time we were out stopping this girl from picking Abbey up, getting in her face etc which was annoying enough, but yesterday I realised that her gold bangle is missing. This bangle cant come off by itself, it is quite firm on her. She has worn it everyday for the past 3-4 months with baths, changing etc and it has never fallen off. I think this little girl either took it, or has stretched it open so that it has fallen off somewhere. I have left a message on her mum's answering machine, but I am sooo cross with her! It was from my hubby's sisters for Abbey's christening. I really hope we find it...


Lisastar9 - February 10

It's sucks not knowing where it could be lost. Oh I know the feeling of loosing something important. Other people's kids GRRR


EMBERBABY - February 10

I hope you guys find it, And about telling someone else's kid to get out of your baby's face...... I know exactly what you mean!


3babies - February 11

Thanks, I hope we find it too. I have two older boys, who definitely aren't angels, but at least we discipline them. The mum of these girls just laughs everything off. The other day she even said something about me not letting her daughter pick Abbey up ... um hello, her daughter is 6 and Abbey is 6 1/2 months. I dont let my own son carry her, why would I let her daughter? There is no need for her to be carrying her ... anyway that is a whole different story ... dont get me started....


Felisha - February 11

i have no idea what a bangle is. what is it?


CyndiG - February 11

It's a bracelet Felisha. I would be mad too 3babies. I hate it when parents don't take responsibility for their kids! Did you try to call the places you were. MAYBE someone turned it in......I hope you find it!



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