So Bummed About Homemade Baby Food

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SonyaM - May 31

As some of you may know, I made some homemade baby food for Mason this past weekend. Well, so far it's a bust. You should see the faces he makes. It's horrible. I don't quite understand why he wouldn't like them because I made the same ones he eats from a jar. I am gonna keep trying, mainly because I have gallon size bags of the stuff in my freezer!!!! I am hoping he will at least like them enough to get through what I made, but I don't think I will do this again. I am very disappointed and to be honest a little "hurt". How silly is that!!!! :)


pbj - May 31

Don't be hurt, the same happened with me and to be honest every single one of my friends. We all started out making our own food, then just gave up. Personally I think the stuff in the jars tastes better too. It's possible that they have better quality produce or something. It's funny cause when I told my other friends who are moms that I was making Mattea's food, they all just fell silent, then a two weeks later when I said I was throwing in the towel they all laughed and said, "yeah we didn't want to say anything, but same happened to us." Since I've switched to jars I'll admit I spend alot less time cooking and cleaning up huge messes. Don't feel discouraged though it could just be you're not getting it as smoothe as the jars, it's very hard to do. I decided that once she can have chunkier food I'll revisit making my own. Good luck I hope it works out.


Kel - May 31

SonyaM - at least your tried! That takes a lot of time so you should be proud that you made an attempt. And who knows, maybe your little one will grow to like them maybe it was just a little shock as it might taste slightlly different from the jars. i'm sure yours tastes better :-)


SonyaM - May 31

Thanks guys!!! I guess the jars are easier to take out anyway and for traveling so maybe it's for the best. Thanks for the comments, made me feel tons better.


tiffani - May 31

Kudo's to you for putting forth the effort! My toddlers do the same thing when I make them dinner. I try something that has all the ingredients they like, and I get all excited that I finally found something other than PB&J to feed them, then I put it in front of them and you know what they say???? "I don't want this, I want Peanut B___ter and Jelly." Grrr!!!! I used to get upset about it, but now I don't even worry about it anymore. As for making homemade baby food, try sweetening the foods with a little bit of apple juice. ;o)


Rabbits07 - May 31

I've read that if a baby/child snubs a food that you should continue to reintroduce it to them, and that on average, by the 10th intro, most babies/children will decide they like it. That sounds like an awful lot of tries, but I have read it in numerous parenting magazines and dietary literature. If you do decide not to continue making your own baby food, don't feel bad.. ..the jarred baby food has all the vitamins and nutrients that they need.


RB - May 31

hey sonyam - well that sucks but i guess maybe when he eats chunkier stuff, he'll go for it.. same thing happened with me - especially with the chicken and rice - i was so excited and he didn't like it one bit! i made some yams for dinner yesterday and put some unseasoned stuff aside for him and just mashed them up as we ate dinner... he went for that, so maybe it's just the meat stuff....maybe he'll like the homemade stuff when he's a bit older! good for you for trying tho!


Mel_C - May 31

My ds hasn't started solids yet, and I was planning to try making my own as well. Oh well, I'll give it a go anyway, you never know! I'm glad I'm warned in advance that it might not go down well. Just a thought though, I wonder if he doesn't like it just because it's different to what he's used to? Maybe if you keep introducing it he will start to like it. Like Rabbits said, I hear it can take an awful lot of tries sometimes! And I don't think you're being silly at all, btw. I'd be hurt too after putting in all that effort! :-)


luvbendict - June 1

Hi SonyaM, I know how you felt. First time I made homemade baby food for my baby, he did not like it and even threw up. I was hurt and disappointed of course but then I kept trying and now he is almost 11 months old and like my food better than jarred food. I think the baby need times to adjust the new taste of homemade babyfood, which I think is more tasty, so just keep trying don't give up:)


karine - June 2

I never had a problem with my 2 kids, hopefully ill never have a problem with my third one. I never gave the jars (only the fruits, as they taste good LOL) so they started right away on my homemade...i tried some jars after wards..and they didnt like it. i made their veggies and meat and frozed them...until they were 2 (practicall as some days i didnt have time to cook)


Nerdy Girl - June 3

For those of you who have had bad luck making baby food, have you followed a recipe or did you just try to puree some stuff? My friend makes a bunch of baby food herself, and she bought me a book called "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel. It's a good book because it's not just for baby food. It has interesting recipes ideas to get picking preschoolers to eat as well. My friend gave this to me when my first baby was born, and I have to admit that I did not make much baby food from then it but used it for the toddler recipes. But just today I made the "potato, leek, and pea puree" for my 6 month old, and it was a big hit. The recipe says to add more water to it to make it a soup for the whole family, and I can totally see doing that next time because it is so tasty. It would be a like a potato chowder or something.



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