So Frustrated And Clueless

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camom - January 10

im a new mother. my son is gong to be 6 weeks old this saturday. last week, he didnt poop, so finally the doctor suggested i use a suppository on him. i did, and thought that would end his discomfort, but he is still fussy. he still stops in the middle of feedings to cry out, strain and kick. i used the suppository on him again yesterday and still the same behavior. hes passing alot of gas, but no poop. ive read that colic symptoms are similiar. how do i know which is which and how do i treat the colic, or prevent the constipation? i hate seeing him look so uncomfortable.


Jamie - January 10

Actually, he sounds about normal, gotta remember, he's still figuring out how to use those muscles. Since he's pa__sing gas, he's not stopped up, and he will poo. Is he b___stfed? It's common for b___stfed babies to only poo every few days. Try giving him some mylicon drops and rubbing his tummy. Also, give him a nice warm bath - it will relax the muscles and help him go.


Jbear - January 10

That does sound like gas. If he's formula fed, my pediatrician said that enfamil lipil often causes constipation and to give one or two ounces of water once a day to help it. Constipation in infants refers to the texture of the poop, not the frequency. As long as his poop is soft and mushy (think of the consistency of peanut b___ter) he's fine, even if he goes a few days without pooping. The mylicon drops that Jamie suggested are really useful, and they're safe for your baby at that age. Most stores have a generic, the active ingredient is simethicone and they're in the same aisle as maalox and pepto bismol. Another thing to try (but still get the gas drops) is to hold his feet and gently move them as if he's on a bicycle, for a little while a couple of times a day (that always makes my daughter poop).


KrisD - January 10

Ya, as bad as it may look - it does sound pretty normal. My son did that quite a bit (and still does from time to time) and used to go to the bathroom every 3-4 days. And the poop days were horrible. He would cry in pain. Then all of a sudden..... He started going every day. It was amazing. I did use gerber gas drops and those seemed to help. We did learn early on that my son was lactose-intolerant and put him on soy formula. Even then, we still saw what you descibed. He's just learning...



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