So How S The Weight Loss Going

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EricaG - February 22

hey, I know a bunch of us had some threads going a while back about weightloss and such and I was just wondering how everybody's doing with that.


tinkri - February 22

Thank goodness for b___st feeding!!! I just had my 6 week check up today and I have lost the 18 lbs I gained during my pregnancy plus 12 lbs so a total of 30 lbs in 6 weeks. Yay for me!!! Only 40 more to go until I reach my goal weight. Goos luck to all of us.


mosley12 - February 22

ive lost about 10 lbs in the last two weeks because i just havent felt like eating, but im starting to get my appet_te, and have started the carb diet...ive lost 3 lbs in 2 days!


Nita_ - February 22

I'm back to my pre-pregnant weight! And a big THANKS to b___stfeeding! :) I love wearing my old jeans again! Although some old tops still show a tiny bulging tummy! Don't know when that will go but i'm glad to be back to my old comfy jeans! :D


Nita_ - February 22

oh, my dd is 7 months btw.


Justine1 - February 22

I went up to a 190lbs when pregnant, 6 weeks later I'm at 153lbs so going well but I was 120lbs pre first child and 130lbs pre second at 5ft6 so some way to go still. I'ld be happy to get back to 130lbs.


EricaG - February 22

great everyone! It's good to hear you're all doing so well. I'm am also doing good, I'm down to 128.2, so that's 3.2 lbs away from my goal. I've lost approximately 55 lbs and my baby is 7 months old, I give a huge thanks to b___stfeeding also, I wouldn't have lost the weight nearly so fast if it hadn't been for that! Also, I'm so excited because I finally get to start eating salad again because I went off my blood thinners yesterday!


Jennifer28 - February 22

Hi ladies! I didn't participate in the last thread but I agree with tinkri & Nita. TGFBF. During my pg I gained - drumroll please - around 47 pounds. I am 5'3" and weighed 125-130 lbs pre-pg. So - 187 pounds two days b4 I delivered. (I was VERY swollen and retained a ton of water). At my 6 wk check-up I weighed 143 lbs. Last week I went in for my annual and had lost another 2 lbs. So - about 15 lbs to go and I'll be happy. :) Good luck, gals!!


jessb - February 22

Wow!! You all are doing so well. It has been just over a year since i had dd. I gained 40 during my pregnancy but I was about 10 more than I wanted to be when I got pregnant. I lost 20 right away but then it was a struggle. In the last couple of months I have lost another 23!!!! So I am a little less then I was when I got pregnant. I would like to lose another 10.


piratesmermaid - February 22

I gained 51lbs pregnant. (I was so swollen, so much water weight, it wasn't funny) and I've lost 47lbs so far (TGFBF!!!!) But I'm still 20lbs from my goal weight. :(


LollyM - February 23

I gained 65 lbs while pregnant! I am glad that I am b___stfeeding too, because I have lost most of it (I think.... My scale ran out of battery! lol) dd is 6 months now, but at my last appointment, when dd was 6 weeks, I had lost 30 lbs!! I was underweight before I got pg (115 lbs and 5 7) and I know I am not that small now, because I used to wear a size 1 and now I wear a size 3-5. In any case, I am happy with my size now, and I really hope I don't get any smaller! I have always had an overactive metabolism... and bad eating habits.


LollyM - February 23

Ps, EricaG, does going off the blood thinners mean your stones are gone?I love salad too =)


Nerdy Girl - February 23

I gained 60 lbs with this last pregnancy. My son is 15 months old and I have lost 50 lbs. Ten more pounds to get back to pre-preg weight, but I would like to lose another 5 or so below that too. I am doing Weight Watchers for the past year.


Shea - February 23

I'm still working on it. I am only about 1.5lbs from pre-preg weight (I only gained 28lbs) but was overweight to start. I was doing so good eating really healthy, but now I am in my busy season at work, and I just don't have time to do all the prep. I have started a "soup" diet, like the progresso commercials, and it seems to be actually working. It's great b/c it's so quick and I don't really have time for lunch, but the bummer is there are only a limited choice of low sodium, and the regular has so much I wouldn't want to eat that every day..


3babies - February 23

I wish I was TGFB, but I have to say, in 3 babies it has never helped me (even with my over abundant mild supply!!!) Oh well. I have about 8kg to go... is that 20lbs in your language? I dont look too bad, but just not feeling great, so I think it is WW here I come on monday...


3babies - February 23

I should add that I only gained about 10 kgs while preg ... bub was 3.2kg what is up with that? (Well I was carrying an extra 3 kg before I fell I suppose ...;-)


Nerdy Girl - February 23

Yeah, b___stfeeding never did anything to help me lose weight either. I wish it did! I b___stfed my first for a full year and wasn't able to shake those final 10 lbs until she weaned.



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