So I Guess I Will Share My News

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MrsShelton217 - March 10

As most everyone knows... I had a rough pregnancy w/ my son. Well, he is 5 months old now. I got the MIRENA IUD about a month after he was born. Well, I have not had any periods SINCE before I got pregnant w. him. After he was born, I had post partum bleeding for about 1 or 2 weeks. Nothing major, and nothing since then. Well, I have felt like c__p for a while now. Ever since December, I had been taking pregnancy tests once a month just to be sure that I wasn't pregnant. Well I went to my regular doctore because I just dont feel well at all. They ordered a series of test, cholestoral, glucose, pregnancy, etc. Well it turns out I am about 11 weeks pregnant. Had NO idea. I am in shock, scared to death, and kind of relieved at the same time b/c I know that I have a good reason for not feeling well. So I am due on September 29th 2008. Now, we all know my body is NOT capable or carrying a baby past 8 months.... So... My kids will be less than one year apart... AND possibly in the SAME grade in school!!!! Wow. I am not excited yet... I hope I am soon though. I have not told anyone... not even my husband. Will tell him tonight. Going for another sonogram next thursday.


ImpatientMommy - March 10

Wow! Well, congratulations! How many kids do you already have? They were all born before 8 months? Sorry, I'm not familiar with your story. Don't be scared though, I have a strong belief that everything works out in the end!


MrsShelton217 - March 10

My daughter was a 32wkr, my son was a 34wkr. Both are healthy now, but was in and out of hospital entire time w/ both. My daughter is 4 now, and my son is 5 months. I am scared b/c my husband works out of town, and if I am put on bedrest, or in the hospital, I am going to miss SO much of my sons infancy.


cubbie - March 10

Irish twins eh? Congratulations! Dh has 3 older sisters 11 months apart, his mom gave birth to twins 11months after her first baby and even now 40+ years on they are inseparable and really close!


ginger6363 - March 10

what a blessing, mrs.s. I know you are terrified (I would be too) but I wish you all the best!


MrsShelton217 - March 10

Oh... an it turns out... the reason my pregnancy hasnt shown up on the HPTs is because they are more than a year past the EXP DATE!!! Hubby bought them from walmart... like 6-7 boxes. I didn't think to check date until my OB asked how old the tests were. I went home and looked at a couple of boxes I had left. Sure enough, they are old. I took one of them... and it said negative. Went out bought a new one.... BAM positive with in 5 seconds!


MrsShelton217 - March 10

OH... And since I have the mirena... he wont take it out b/c my cervix is already so weak. He said it will be fine, and the risks are very minimal as far as leaving it in place goes.... Hmm. Who knows. We will see what is in store. Good news is that I will be able to find out if its a boy or a girl in about 3 more weeks. LoL


Krissy25 - March 10

Mrs Shelton, congrats on being pregnant but is your doctor a little worried about the iud being in there and also does your doctor have any idea why it failed, i mean i know it happens sometimes but does he think it wasn't placed right or that one was defective in some way, just wondering b/c i was thinking about getting one after i had my 2nd child (which will probably be in a few years).


MrsShelton217 - March 10

He doesnt have any idea what happened. He doesnt seemed concerned w/ it still being in there. There isn't anyway to easily remove it w/out potentionally causing a miscarriage since it is inside of my uterus. He is having me do bi monthly sonograms for now just to be sure everything is okay. Babys heart rate was 161 this past time.


britt_m - March 10

Wow, congrats!! I have a surprise pregnancy as well : ). I'm due Oct. 22. Thats weird your tests didn't work, even if they were a bit expired. My mom and her brother are 11 months apart and used to be so close. Thats quite the surprise, plz let us know your DH's reactions : D!!!


melissap - March 10

Mrs. Shelton congrats on your pregnancy. I think I remember you from way back, we were due around the same time but you went early and I was way Late. Hopefully everything works out for you. I am going to get another mirena and that makes me sooo scared to get preggo again. I hope you feel good so you can enjoy your son and being close will be great for the kids.


wailing - March 10

Mrs. Shelton---Congrats to u=) How odd the IUD didn't work. I thought it had a 99% working rate? I actually just went to the Dr. today to get cultures done for the Mirena. Now, I'm a bit nervous. They didn't give ANY explanation how it could have happened? Good Luck to u!


L1NDZ - March 10

Well first I want to say Congrats! I know everything will work out for you!! As for the makes me kinda scared as I have one...and I have been feeling soooooo tired lately and my mood swings have been crazy!! I wish you and that little one the best!! Try to rest as much as you can!! (I know...easier said that done!!)


AliG - March 10

Congratulations Mrs. Shelton!! That is very exciting. Let us know what your husband says. I pray this time is easier for you.


HeavenisMine - March 10

That's amazing! I would be like "WHHHAAA?" I hope you are able to handle this. Congratulations by the way!!


ahay - March 14

OMG>..this scares me to death! My baby girl is 5 months old and I got the IUD in November. I REALLY dont want to get pregnant again. now I am FREAKED OUT


Buffi R. - March 16

Even though this was unplanned, congratulations! At least you're almost out of your first trimester already so you can shave a few weeks of worry about the pregnancy off your mind, and I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon too (physically at least!). I wish you all the best!!! :-)



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