So Scared I Called Posion Controll

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Kim L - May 5

Hey Hannah: I know it gets so hard to sort through all the information - I actually was quite surprised also to read in some places about how dangerous it is and others that describe cutting open diapers for science experiments! I had read about the link to TSS. Pretty scary! But I'm sure for the millions of babies that wear disposable diapers, most of them are totally fine. You can make yourself sick with worry trying to prevent any bad thing from ever happening! My little one actually isn't here yet, but after convincing my husband with the most brilliant argument ever (cost a___lysis - ha!) we've decided we're going to try cloth (FuzziBunz). They are not the prefold kind of the stone ages - they're pocket diapers, which are the most like disposable in terms of their ease of use. It sounds like you've got it covered though with a diaper cover. I doubt your little escape artist will do it again! ;-)


Alycia - May 5

Kim - Have you seen Happy Heinys pocket diapers? VERY cute!! I have mostly diaper wraps with the prefolds, but my friend just gave me a HH, and I'm amazed by how cute it is - they have an adorable array of patterns. (sorry to hijack the thread!)


Kim L - May 5

Hi Alycia - YES! They are SO cute. The fuzzibunz are like that too. I have a friend who uses them and says they are wonderful. I'm excited to try them out! Although my husband made me promise if it's too much of a pain we're switching to disposables. :-) I figure it's not gonna hurt to at least try them and see...So how do you feel about the cloth?


Alycia - May 5

Well, I'm pregnant with my first, so I can't say yet. I'm pretty excited and optimistic, though, as it has worked out so well for my friend. Luckily, my husband is totally behind it as well for cost-saving and trash-reducing reasons. Do Fuzzibunz come in patterns, or just colors? I haven't seen anything but solid colors in that brand.


Rabbits07 - May 5

Has anyone used the bumGenius cloth diapers? I was doing some searching on the web (after reading this thread) and I was interested in trying them...thought I would get some input first if possible.


Kim L - May 8

Hi Alycia: Fuzzibunz don't have the greatest selection of patterns, they are mostly solid. There is one bug pattern and I think that's it! Good luck to you if you use those happy heinys, they are so cute! RABBITS: I don't know anything about the bumGenius diapers but I've seen them and they're really cute too. From all the reviews I've read, I've seen the most positive feedback with fuzzibunz - i hear they are just as wonderful overnight as they are for a daytime diaper and people don't have the same leaking issues they do with other kinds of cloth diapers. I've also heard the Swaddlebees brand is good too. Maybe we should start a cloth diaper thread to chat more...sorry Hannah didn't mean to hijack you!


Plogan425 - March 4

Just thought you mama's should know I have worked in a factory that produces all diaper brands the gell beads they put in the diapers come in giant bags with skulls and crossbones they made us wear high grade Osha respirators to work on the vacuum lines that moved the Sam aka gell beads to the diaper making machine as to not breath it in bcs it was poisonous and was all in the air that we work in..... if you ever have any questions regarding any product for a child contact the manufacturer and request the msds's (material safety data sheets) or sds's (safety data sheets) they are required by law to give you this information. I just know that my child which is on the way Is gonna wear cloth diapers which saves money in the long run anyways and is way safer



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