So So Sooo Tempted To Co Sleep

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Kara H. - March 11

My hubby will be working 3rd shift for the next 6 months. My bed feels so empty and I am having the hardest time faling asleep. When hubby was on 1st shift, I would sometimes put Max back in bed with me if he woke up before I was ready to get up for the day. The only problem is we would snuggle and both of us would fall back asleep and get a late start on the day. It would be selfish of me to let Max sleep in my bed. He is on a good schedule, falls alseep on his own, and rarely wakes up during the night. I know cosleeping would undo all the good sleep habits I worked so hard to put into place. *sigh* I miss having another warm body in my big, cold bed...


SuzieQ - March 11

ooh, that sucks. I've been putting my dd in my bed in the morning (around 6am) too because that's when dh leaves. We wake up around 8am together, and I love it so much! My dd is so cute when she wakes up - stretching her little legs, making little noises at her hands, and yawning with her tongue sticking into her bottom lip :) I've made it our schedule!


jb - March 11

There have been nights when I was tempted to snuggle with my dd. I stopped myself though! I didn't want to start a bad habit or create a monster by letting her sleep with me. My husband also works nights (7pm to 7am) and the king size bed did feel big and empty.....well until my 96 pound chocolate lab started joining me in bed!!!


krnj - March 11

I made the mistake of picking my son up when he gets up around 6AM and then we sleep on the couch until 8 or 9AM. I'm pregnant and trying to break the habit before I get bigger and more uncomfortable. I think it was more my habit than his! lol Good luck whatever you decide to do! :)


Lisastar9 - March 11

buy a body pillow.


Kara H. - March 11

Hey they should make different sized body pilows (hubby sized pillows, baby sized pillows) AND make them heated to body temp. Then, I could either put hubbys shirt on the hubby sized one, or something washed in Drift on the baby sized one. I bet that would help me sleep... :)


mandee25 - March 12

I put my ds in our bed usually after his morning feed after dh gets up at 6am. We sleep for a few more hours and then we are up for the day. He is almost 4 months old and I need to stop this habit as well although I admit I love it too.



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