So Sorry Another Sad Thread

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sahmof3 - February 8

There are just so many today that I almost hate to write this. My neighbor across the street just came over to say that our one other neighbor, who I am also friends with, found out that their oldest boy (5) has leukemia! He has been like lots of other kids... sick, laying around, lethargic... nothing too out of the ordinary considering the wicked viruses going around. But when it went on for 3 weeks they did a blood test and found this out. OMG... I am so sad for them!!! The mom is at the hospital all day, every day now. They own a catering business out of a building right beside their home, so, even though he's busy, the dad can still watch the other 3 kids there... at least for now. Supposedly the kind he has has an 85% cure rate, so we're praying.... he begins chemo tomorrow. My mind can't quite accept this yet.


ash2 - February 8

That is sooo sad...i will pray for this family. I cant believe that kids get sick like this .


Rabbits07 - February 8

It breaks my heart to hear when kids are sick like that.


sahmof3 - February 8

I know. I've just been trying to think of something to do to help them. The neighbor that came and told me lives right across the street. I guess everyone else around here knew from going to the busstop and talking to the mom whose child was dx'd, but I live further away than everyone else, so I've been driving Nathan to school. I can't stop thinking about it! She is supposed to be going to kindergarten enrollment meetings for him and instead she's in the hospital with him!


luviduvi - February 8

prayers, prayers, prayers......


BaileysMummy - February 8

That is so sad. I really feel for you all, I know how difficult it must be for everyone who cares for him. I will keep him in my prayers and send my deepest wishes for his recovery. Children are little fighters.


LollyM - February 9

Children who fight these kinds of things are such strong people. I will send prayers and wishes for his recovery and strength!


KLC - February 9

Prayers for this family as well.



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