So Tired

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LisaB - June 15

I know this is like beating a dead horse but my ds will not sleep throught the night. Hes 7 months old I have not slept since I first got pregnant I am TIRED!! I have an interview today so ofcourse ds was up 3 times last night (not the norm usually just once or twice) But come on its killing me. Ds is rested and happy which is really all that matters but I have tried everything cio, dream feeds, patting and singing. The only thing that I can do to get ds back to sleep is nurse which is weird because he falls asleep without it so its not an issue. Augh. Its so hard to come on here and heard others who los are sleeping thru the night at 10 weeks (although I am happy for you :) ) This is killing me. Sorry needed to vent.


tiffani - June 15

Is he waking to eat, play or cuddle? If it's to eat, feed him something heavy right before bed, like oatmeal. If it's to play or cuddle, then he's just waking out of habit and the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. My oldest son would wake for no other reason than he was "programed" too. Once I started to let him cry it out (which took about 10 minutes each time) he eventually stopped waking up through the night. Hang in there Lisa, I know it's tough. :o)


LisaB - June 15

Right before bed I feed him oatmeal and a veggie, then books and a bath. After that he nurses so the tummy should be full. But when he wakes he nurses and goes right back to sleep. I tried the cio for a full week and what would happen is he would wake around 12 cry foy 5-20 minutes then wake every hour to half hour and after a week it never got better so I went back to nursing him which takes about 10 minutes then hes back to sleep. I think hes "programed" but after a week it didn't get any better so it just felt cruel.


nic nac - June 15

LisaB, i am sorry. I am still in the "baby not sleeping through the night" club. I know other posts say their lo sleep through the night and some babies just do without any guidance so i say kudos to all whose babies sleep through, it's wonderful. But, most don't and it is more and more frustrating. I still do the dream feed to avoid her getting in the habit of waking to feed but she still wakes up. Does he wake to feed and sleep through without crying ? having a last feed at midnight isn't bad and if he sleeps through right after that then keep doing it.


Bonnie - June 15

I was going to ask about the CIO thing. I know with msaon the GI had us stop his night feeds, even if we decided not to do the CIO thing. We still had to cut out night feeds, period. She had us do this by giving him that formula during the day............But I know that formula babies can go a lot longer than BF babies. Have you discussed this with the pediatrician? What did he/she say? I would love to know what poor mommies are supposed to do when they BF.



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