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jolou - February 21

My ds is nearly 6 weeks old, and has a really good sleeping pattern. He tends to be awake for a lot of the afternoon and evening, and then sleeps for a 5/6 hour block most nights after his last feed at 10 or 11pm. He'll then sleep in 2 or 3 hour blocks until the afternoon. I'm getting about 8 hours sleep every night so why am I constantly so tired? Is it adjusting to the broken sleep? Hormones? Does anyone have any suggestions?


mcatherine - February 21

Broken sleep patterns can actually make you sleepier than staying up all night. My only suggestion is what most us of do - coffee - lots and lots of it! You'll start to feel better soon...


chrissi79 - February 21

man - i cant wait until my lo starts to sleep more than 2 or 3 hrs at a time!!! but yes broken sleep can be so taxing on the body.


Emily - February 21

also you may try to get in some excercise while your lo sleeps in the afternoons. It can help you sleep better when you do get the chance. But the ladies are right broken sleep can wreck havic on how rested you feel in the am....


vonzo - February 21

ry eating more fruits and veg, they can give you a natural pick me up, i feel like i have loads more energy at the moment because ive cut out all c___p. im pretty shocked at the difference to be honest! Exercise like Emily suggested will not only help you rest better but will actually give you more energy too. Failing that spoonfeed yourself instant coffee :o) xx


CaliTrish - February 21

Are you b___stfeeding? I know that was *extremely* draining the first couple months.


nickie13 - February 21

Exercise well help you feel better, try to stay away from coffee it make you crave junk food. It does to me anyway


jolou - February 22

I'm glad I'm not just being pathetic!! chrissi, I don't know how you cope!! I have a friend whose baby only slept for 45 minutes a time, I think that would have killed me! I'm not b___stfeeding - I did for a week, and spent most of that in tears, I felt soo much better after I stopped! I already eat loads of fruit and veg, I walk the dog every afternoon, and I don't like coffee - just needed to know I'm normal! Thanks everyone!!


mandee25 - February 22

Jolou, my ds is 13 weeks old and my sleep is STILL broken up. Most nights I get 7 hours of sleep but only 3-4 hours at a time. My body is so used to getting up every so often and I don't know if my body will ever learn to sleep through the night, even when ds does. Arghhhhhhh!!!


ashtynsmom - February 22

Are you still taking vitamins? I would take viatmins for extra energy if not, make sure you are drinking LOTS of water, and try to get some fresh air every day. My dd was born in Jan (2006) and I would get so BLAH and have to go outside for 10-15 mins a day, even if I froze my b___t off, just to get OUT of the house and get some air.



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