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ash2 - June 29

hey ladies. i know this is a baby forum, but since i do have a newborn, i thought i could blah, blah, blah for a sec.well i have a six weeksold baby, and im not going to lie, i WAS a pretty hot chic. i modeled for 5 years, had tons of attention from guys, and felt really good at myself. but after i had this last baby i think it put me over the edge. i weigh a whopping 191 pounds, my hair is always choppy and dry because im always pulling it up and buying cheap shampoo( lets face it, name brand baby shampoo goes in the place of pantene -prov) i never shave, i have stretch marks so bad that you could have a road map out of my stomach. i never dress up, i need a pedicure, my wedding ring wont fit , i cant seem to stop bleeding from after baby, and on and on.....i see all of these girls right here at summer time in small shorts and tanks and it makes me sick to know that I TOO WAS ONCE HIGH MAINTANENCE! it makes me think my husband wants that young teenager that i was he met only 6 years ago. oh yeah, i shop in the " misses" section now because nothing fits in juniors. well i guess im done venting..... oh yeah...... and when did my son's clothes start costing more than mine ?? thats right... i found myself shopping at the dollar general for shirt !!! aHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


jb - June 29

I wish clothes from the misses section fit me. I have to walk all the way to the cow section to find mine!!! Hang in there ash2, it will get better. I lost all my pregnancy weight in no time. I am back to playing softball 2 times a week and I even joined a kickball league!!! Can you believe it...kickball!!!???!!! My dd is 4 1/2 months old and now that we have a well established routine my life in now back in least for a little while. My dh loves me for who I am now, not who I was a year ago. I am sure your dh feels the same way. I know I am going through the greatest time of my life...I wouldn't change a thing. Life is a bowl of cherries!!


Meredith - June 29

I understand, I have just recently hit rock bottom at 215, but have dug my heels in and lost 48 pounds so far. Just remember you CAN fix your body, no matter how hard it may seem. I got into a weight loss group online and I feel so much better, but I remember looking like a scrub all the time bc none of my old clothes fit and my wedding rings either.


Christy - June 29

Give it time. It took you 9 months to gain it, give yourself at least that much time to lose it. I don't know about you, but I remember being extremely exhausted after I had the baby. Diet and exercise were the last things on my brain. But one day, you start to have a routine with the baby and a little more you time. Then you can start focusing on taking care of yourself a little more. It will get better and you will start to resemble your former self before you know it. Good luck and congrats on your lo!


JEN - June 29

I'm with you, ash2. I was able to lose all of my pregnancy weight in the first few weeks, but my body is NOT the same...I mean, my b___bs didn't used to be down there, and my rear didn't used to look like that in those pants LOL! I sometimes get jealous too, but I am thankful that I had such a great pregnancy and recovery, and of course one look at my ds and I forget all about being, one day those girls will get fatter and saggier too ROFL!!!!! You are not alone girl. : )


km - June 29

Ash2, I feel the same way! I wasn't as high maintenance as you said you were but I used to feel pretty good about myself. I don't have time for the pedi or manicures, my hair is always up, and I was very jealous of all the women at the beach who had probably never given birth! Here I am, sitting in my tank swimsuit (with a skirt as the bottom) and I'm so used to wearing bikinis. I felt so fat. I have since lost some of that weight and it's slowly coming off. I'm not dieting or exercising, but will have to exercise to get the tire off my waist and to slim my hips down a bit. Still can't fit into my regular junior size clothes and I refuse to buy a new wardrobe of larger sizes. My hubby doesn't help much, he doesn't call me names or anything but every once in awhile, he'll mention that he wants me to get back down to the weight I was at in one of our pre-baby photos. It's hard to see my body like this but I wouldn't trade my son to instantly look like I did. Give it some time and once you start losing the weight, you'll start feeling much better!


cae - June 29

Hey, I am right with you all. Its been 5months and I most of my clothes are way too tight on me, or dont fit at all. I only have like 2 outfits I use to be a size 3, and still wasnt too happy with my weight..omg what was I thinking?!!? If only I could be that small again. I refuse to by a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size..NO way! I usually spend all my summers at the beach, but I am going to have to sit this one out. I want my old bod back! But having my son is way more important than anything I had ever dreamed of.


AprilMum - June 29

This must be a big boat, because I'm in it too. Actually, just yesterday, my husband and I started a weight loss challenge against eachother. Whoever loses the least, has to be the other person's slave for a day. It's been great motivation, because I have a huge list of things for him to do. I guess that's not helpful at all....just saying, you're not alone. What I hate the most is that once I finish losing the weight - the stretch marks will remain. I got some that are seirously deep, I hate it!!


AprilMum - June 29

seriously. ugh...typing too fast.


nic nac - June 29

Ash2 I am so with you on everything. Pre-preggo, i went shopping every two weeks always had my hair and nails done (i still do the nails and hair though) haha. Up until a month ago (my dd is 6 months now) I wore maternity clothes and my hubby's shorts and shirts around the house!! My hubby said to me that i need to go shopping and get some new clothes because i looked ridiculous in the maternity clothes (they were falling off me). Now I am a size 14 trying to get back down to a size 8/10. I have clothes in my closet from size 6 to 16!!! I feel like my closet is a clothing store!! LOL.


babyO - June 29

haha so i am not the only one? I used to get my nails & feet done every 2 weeks, straightened my hair every morning (30 min process) and wore the latest my hair is in a bun, my nails are knubby and i only get a pedi every month. I broke down and got my rinsg resized too :(


lindsay - June 29

omg--YES! i got huge w/ my son, and finally got thin again last year(although my body will NEVER be the same, no matter how much i lose) i think the worst is the loose skin around my belly b___ton that puckers, especially the smaller i get... well, i have a 2 week old and am HUGE again! i know i can lose it if i work hard like before, but now i have a 4 year old, a newborn, and am going back to school in 2 months for a career change! i'm hoping io don't put myself on the back burner like i did for 3 years the 1st time... it is horrible for my self-esteem!!!


Christy - June 29

LOL! i still get manicures weekly and pedis once a month. It is my treat to myself. :D


nic nac - June 29

my rings still don't fit. Jeez. We took them to the jewler but they cautioned against resizing since the bands are platinum. I guess I will have to keep walking around with my husband looking like a homewrecker. LOL.


shari - June 29

Glad to hear others are strugglin with the weight thang. I'm probably 10 lbs over my pre-preg weight but it just sits on me different. WHAT is up with this giant spare tire/flab roll around my middle.(gasp!) I know I need to exercise more but with baby wakin up so early, I feel so tired all the time..zzzzzzz On the bright side, ash2, my baby is 7 months and I am starting to notice that my hair is getting back some of it's thickness and shine. For a while there , I was pretty depressed that it was so thin and scraggly and coming out in handfuls. So I hope that is a small light at the end of the tunnel. I just ordered a Turbo Jam dvd and it came in the mail today. So far , I have reomoved the plastic cover, so I am well on my way to that slimmer bod! (tomorrow I may even put it in the dvd player.)


shari - June 29

Oy yeah....also....anyone else with freakishly large b___bs, post baby? I think each one is the size of my head. makes me want to cry!! Everyone said that after baby and nursing, their b___st shrunk down to almsot nothing..(which was what I was kinda hoping for) but the opposite happened! I wish there was a pill I could take to shrink them :( Just another deterrent to hearty cardio workouts. AAARRRGGGG


luvmyboys - June 30

Oh dear, I'm sure EVERYONE who's had a baby could join this thread! I too used to be super skinny and now after having three kids I am 50 lbs heavier than I used to be. It is sad, yes, but my husband finds me s_xy no matter what size I am, I love my three boys and I know that someday I will be slim again, it'll just take time. AND the bonus is that by the time you are skinny, some of those other girls you're jealous of might be pregnant or have had babies and then THEY will be jealous of YOU. So there! :D You can't compare yourself to those who haven't had children. Pregnancy really changes your body. It's not a bad thing, just different. Don't worry, you'll feel differently about yourself in a year from now.



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