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bekysu - January 31

My daughter turned two on the 26th. While I was on maternity leave with her for 5 months, I began watching soap opers and became addicted to Guiding Light. When I went back to work, I would get on websites to catch up on what I missed. I no longer work and just had my second baby in Oct. Again, I am addicted to Guiding Light. Anyone else? And, if so, have you been watching?!!!


Sarabossypants - January 31

this acually made me laugh out loud ;-)


Nerdy Girl - January 31

Me too. I laughed because it has been years since my TV has been on anything other than Disney Channel, PBS, or Noggin in the middle of the day! I'm a little jealous......


mcatherine - January 31

I got addicted to All My Children while on bed rest. I Tivo it and watch it late at night so know one will know... :o)


bekysu - January 31

Nerdy Girl, when my toddler is up NOGGIN is on. However, she is napping when its on. Or, she is at daycare for three days a week.


Renea - January 31

bekysu--I watch guiding light and days of our lives. I record it during the day and then watch in the evening when the kids are in bed. I am so glad that Tammy is gone-was sad to see her dying scene--but how long were they going to drag that scene out. And Josh so needs to dump Ca__sie and get back with Reva. I fast forward through all the ca__sie/josh love scenes--can't stand them.


bekysu - January 31

Oh my! We are on the same page with this one. I wasn't a fan of Tammys character but I loved Jonathans. I don't like Josh and Ca__sie together either. Josh and Reva should be back together, otherwise the show is not complete.


Aimes - January 31

Oh yes, I love it. SO upset that Tammy left. I think Jonathon is next. Check out guidlinglightcity. com for updates. It's agood site.


krnj - January 31

I watch All My Children and sometimes General Hospital.


EricaG - January 31

I'm addicted to Guiding light, also. I was sad to see Tammy leave the show, but today when Jonathon drove off that cliff with Sarah, I cried so hard. I'm like "you can't kill them!" Andyway I saw on the preview for the next one that they didn't find any bodies in the wreckage so you know that they're leaving it open in case jonathon and the baby want to come back on the future. But still, Jonathon and Tammy had the best love scenes, they had great chemistry. I also want Josh and Reva to get back together but I feel like It would be mean to do that now because Ca__sie just lost Tammy... then again Reva just lost Jonathon too...


bekysu - January 31

I know this sounds so silly but I felt slightly devastated when Jonathan and Sarah went over the cliff. However, I don't believe they were really in the car. Otherwise, the story would just end. I also got really upset when Jonathan finally called Reva mom and told her that he loved very much..


BreaunasMommy - January 31

I used to watch that one when I was in highschool but now I watch bold and beautiful and as the world turns. I get to watch cause my dd takes a nap from 1:30 to about 4 every day lol


DeeJay - February 1

I have been watching GL for 17 years and now that I have tivo I never miss an episode. I actually had not caught up to Jon and Sarah going over the cliff, but I did read that he was leaving so I figured something would happen. But I love his character, I will miss him!!! The show has really had some ups and downs but it has been good lately. I hope they bring Phillip and LueJack back. Allan drives me nuts, I like him but how can you be so conveluted!!! (sp?) I also like the shows about when it first started. My mom watched this as a kid so it is neat to see what she watched. I think the Daisy storyline should be good, Anything involving Harley and Gus is usually good, except the comic book thing, that was stupid. Ok, I am addicted too!!!!!



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