Social Worker Coming To Your House

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mosley12 - May 15

reading what cassie06 said about social workers being called on her mom brought up one of my crazy scared to death that someone is going to call social workers on me! i know its irrational because i know im a great mom, and cayden is thriving and doing great, but deep down im scared someone is going to believe that just because im a young mom, im not a good mom and send someone to check on me! anyone else like this?


sahmof3 - May 15

It's crossed my mind when I hear of stories where children are taken from their parents and later it's found out that they did nothing wrong! It would kill me to have something like that happen and have to wonder where my kids were, are they being taken good care of, etc.


aurorabunny - May 15

This stuff IS scary! My sister had a lot of problems growing up (had bi-polar, personality disorder, issues with our mom's divorce) and at one point for about a month straight she would go to school and tell her teacher that our mom refused to feed her or let her have any breakfast (total lie). She would even dump our mom's breakfast in the trashcan and then go next door to the neighbors in the morning and cry and beg for breakfast saying that our mom wouldn't get out of bed! At one point someone called social services on our mom and the worker showed up. Luckily it was obvious to the social worker that my sister was making it all up and that we were in a loving home (and actually the social worker and my mom hit it off because my mom was going to school to become a social worker, the lady even stayed for dinner, lol) but it scared the CRAP out of my mother. She still talks about it to this day.


ash2 - May 15

I know what you mean.....i tell DH all the time, that our neighbors would be the one to call dss on us. They are deeply religious ( so are we but they get way into it ) ....anyway, suprisingly they dont believe in spanking....we do as a last resort. When we are outside ds will get into trouble from time to time and we will have to pop him. Well of course they give us this dirty look and walk the other way. DS alo plays with water guns and that is a " no-no " in their household ! He was outside squirting in their driveway and the mom turned around , picked up her kid and walked inside ! WTH ! He is a kid ! He isnt going to get a pistol and go on a rage with a water gun ! .....idk, i get so scared sometimes, but honestly, they do all kinds of investigation in your hom, and if they cant prove it, i would say you are safe : )


Bonnie - May 15

I did some volunteer work for CPS and we had to take several training cla__ses on spotting abuse. I am a__suming it is the same for all states. I was pleasently surprised that they really look into things before pulling kids out of homes. Spanking is not considered child abuse. We were even taght that some kids simply bruise easily and how to look for "bad" bruises. In the end, it made me feel much better about them so I have no fears now. If someone outside my home has an issue with my parenting style, tough. :P


eclipse - May 15

My husband is a social worker and a lead therapist that goes into homes to evaluate a situation. He is with a private agency that gets referrals from department of children and families. Trust me, the last thing they want to do is take a kid out of a home. That is the last option, but sometimes it can't be avoided. His program is designed to give parents that have been called but not had action taken coping skills, parenting cla__ses, an outlet to discuss stresses, and all kinds of help so that they can keep their kids and develop the proper parenting skills. His agency has an 80% success rate. They are highly trained to spot true abuse and usually have to go through several channels before true action is taken, unless there is an obvious threat, such as the child ends up in the hospital with a skull fracture, etc. They are good people and are really good at cutting through bulls*** so I wouldn't worry. You are a great mom, all of you are, and they are there to protect and help those that need it. :)


aurorabunny - May 15

Ash2 I actually read an article in Readers Digest about neighbors that had a feud that was so bad that one couple ended up calling child services on the other couple and all kinds of horrible things. It's so messed up that adults get so mad that they would do stuff like that. I don't think I would do that sort of thing to my worst enemy because if anything did come of it the children would be the ones hurt most. Of course I think that if someone called CPS and said "my neighbors kids are playing with water guns!!" that CPS would probably laugh in their face and hang or at least I hope so.


ethanmichaelsmom - May 15

Looking at the other side of it though, it's scary to think that sometimes they don't take complaints seriously. My best friend's sister has a four year old girl and is heavy into drugs and alcohol...she's barely 21. She's been in and out of jail and this is a small town so the cops know the name well. This child is exposed to all that and has been since she was very small. She's been burned by "pipes" and given beer as punishment. She knows terms I didn't know. I accompanied my friend to the police station and she told them all this. She wanted to get her neice out of there even if it ment foster care. Nothing was ever done. They wrote it all down and took no action and never investigated squat.



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