Solid Foods Question For 8 Month Old

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stefkay - March 3

Hi, I'm wondering what you feed your 8 month old daily? I br___tfeed my daughter still and we only started solids at 6 months old. She will turn 8 months this week. I started looking online at nestlebaby, heinzbaby and gerber dot com to see how much I should be feeding her and it seems that I'm still doing like early stage 1 foods when I should be doing more!? I'm so confused. She is gaining ok and doesn't seem starved, but here is an example of what she has daily: Basically I br___tfeed on demand and I honestly don't keep track of when or how often. I need to start doing that, but it is several times a day. For breakfast I do 1-2tbsp of fruit (1 frozen icecube size--i make her baby food) mixed in with 1 tbsp of baby oatmeal. I add a tiny bit of br___tmilk to thin out. At lunch I do 1-2 tbsp (1 frozen ice cube size) of a vegetable and then at dinner I do 1 cube of veggies again and maybe a cube of fruit as well. Again each cube I think is around 1 tbsp. So that is it! When I looked on these websites it looks like she is considered Stage 2 because she sits well unsupported but she does not crawl or have teeth yet. Stage 2 menus show like 3-5 tbsp cereal at breakfast along with other stuff and that is just one meal! The lunch and dinners have even more food. I don't feel like my dd acts like she is starving or hungry, but I don't know if I'm supposed to be doing more. The websites also show foods like meats and rices, etc. She only has sweetpotatoes, peas, squash, carrots and sometimes green beans for veggies and apples, bananas, pears, peaches and mangos for fruits. Basically her menu looks like a stage 1 menu. Help!!! Thanks...


amanda17 - March 3

DD started stage 2 foods at 8 months and she was eating 5 tbsp of cereal with half a container of stage 2 fruit. She eats a TON of solid food haha. She hates stage 2 meats so I have to mix them with fruit (I know, gross) and she eats it fine. Also she doesn't have any teeth and stage 2 foods have not been a problem. You don't necessarily have to give her a ton more food if she doesn't want it. Just switch her to stage 2 foods and feed her until she lets you know she's full. I'm sure you won't find anywhere that tells you to feed them more than they can eat :)


DDT - March 3

Ds2 is 9 months old now but has been eating stage 3/table foods since he was 8 months old. I don't BF and he takes 3 bottles a day (8oz). He has 3 meals. For breakfast he eats about 4tbsp cereal along with either a half a banana, cup of yogurt or 1/2 jar of stage 3 fruit. He eats everything lunch and dinner are usually table foods. He doesn't have any teeth but knows how to chew. His gums are rock hard so they serve him well. I would suggest you move onto stage 2 foods. It isn't much different from stage 1...they are just less runny. I also started out making homemade baby food, and just started making his food thicker and lumpier with time. He never had a issue. He actually dislikes pureed foods now. I don't think he appreciates being spoon-fed anymore. Feed your lo as much as she wants. She will let you know when she's full by turning her head away or clamping her mouth shut.


Whitney - March 3

Hey there, my dd will be 8 months next week & is still on stage 1 foods too. I have tried stage 2 twice, & she gagged & spit it up so I think she's just not ready & I'm going to wait another month before I try again. She is also b___stfed on demand & eats 3 meals a day. Out current schedule is that she has about 3 or 4 tbs fruit with maybe 1 or 2 tbs cereal for breakfast, then at lunch usually just cereal - like 4 or 5 tbs, & for supper just a larger bowl of veg & sometimes some fruit too. She seems happy & content with that amount, & I also haven't tried meat yet either. My Dr. recommend meat after 8 or 9 months & since she gagged on the stage 2 foods I might wait until 9 months for meat because it has a different texture.


stefkay - March 3

Sounds good! Whitney your meals sound a lot like mine. Well, I took a tablespoon and measured water into an ice cube tray and realized that a cube of food is actually more like 2 Tbsp, so she is getting a bit more than I had originally thought. DDT, I make my baby food too so I think I'm going to get some meats and process some like chicken and veal or something like that. Maybe add in some other veggies or rice? So do you guys think then that I should feed her until she turns away? Lately I stop when the food I've made is gone and she eats it all up but does not act like she is starving or hungry for more, you know? I guess it's working ok now I just need to add a bit more in gradually. Oh and my homemade food is a lot thicker than the store bought stage 1 foods. It's more like stage 2 or 3 most likely. I don't thin it much and my dd eats it right up now. Thanks for your input!!!!


DDT - March 3

I agree stefkay...the homemade food is always thicker than the jarred stuff. You could drink some of of them. Just a tip about the meat: I made them for ds1...chicken & beef. But after a few weeks in the freezer I noticed they were prone to getting freezer burn even though they were in freezer bags. Also once frozen and then dethawed the meat has a gritty taste and consistency especially the chicken. With ds2 I decided to skip processing the meats all together. I went and bought a pack of organic frozen meat/veggie combo baby food made by "Sweet Pea" He really likes it but then went quickly to wanting table foods so I didn't even get to finish the pack. Sometimes I take out a cube or two for his lunch if I'm in a rush though. Maybe I was doing something wrong with the meat though...and maybe there are better storage techniques out there for meat.


fefer1 - March 3

It depends on the baby. My dd wasn't a huge eater till closer to 10-11 months but my son at 8.5 months eats a TON of food. He's been eating stage 3 for a while now and I usually make my own or give him fruits/veggies I've cooked and mashed. They are done eating when they won't take any more food. I don't measure my food so it's hard to say but I'll give him a jar of baby food (6oz) and mix it with a few tablespoons of rice or oatmeal, a banana and the cereal, half an avocado and the cereal etc...just some examples. He also has been eating crackers and things like that that he can pick up himself. Small bits of cheese....cheerios. I have not introduced meat yet either...he's not great at chewing/gumming chunky stuff quite yet. Every baby really is different but you can probably move on to a stage 2 at least. I didn't find a lot of difference between a lot of the stage 2's and 3's either, especially the fruit. Pretty runny.


softbreeze200 - March 3

Ahh Stefkay!! Again... we are the same! Jess has exactly the same menu as what you are feeding your daughter. And you know, I have tried to giv her more solids and she wont eat it. It is too much for her. I think as long as she is happy and eating well, keep doing what you are doing. You know her best of anyone and no "guidelines" can dictate what you do with her feeding.



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