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dee23 - March 14

ds is 8 months on friday and i have no idea what to feed him. he has had toast, all the baby food jars in fruit only though, he hates veggies. he hates advocado, what can i give him in the way of feed himself type of foods like toast? i will not give him cherrios as they are high in sugar. and he wont eat soft veggies. he has had yogurt. any ideas? i feel like all he is eating every dy is pear, banana and rice cereal, occasionally some pumpkin, but thats it...oh and maybe a rusk. what does your 8 month old eat?


alverran - March 14

Hello dee23, I am looking forward to some responses, I was about to post something similar to yours. My dd is 7 mo old and would be happy as a clam if I just nursed her all the time vs. eating any solids... Good luck to you.


bchflwr - March 14

My ds just turned nine months and I have been wondering the same thing. I want some healthy finger foods to give him. Here are the things he eats. Toast, english muffins, pancake, whole green beans, gerber puffs, banana, graham crackers, bowtie pasta. I am thinking I might try some watermelon sliced kind of thin this weekend as see how he does with that. He is getting to the point that whatever we eat he is grabbing for so he is letting me know......bring it on!


Shannah - March 14

my little one is 7 months, he loves to eat solids so that is a little easier just curious when i can start the finger type food too? when can i do the puffs, cheerios or pasta? dee23 i am sure you tried squah but just a thought, that is sweeter like a fruit. did you try mixing the veggies with the fruits. my son loves sweet potatoes and applesauce mixed together. when did you give your little one yogurt for the first time?


Bridget - March 14

Try little (pea sized)cubes of soft cheese(my son likes muenster) or even the coarsely shredded kind. I had to put it in his mouth for him to want to pick it up himself, he's not too adventuresome in the finger food dept, but once he realized he likes it, he'd grab for it. He likes everything, we're lucky, but he does NOT like anything goopy on his hands. We tried finger paint when he was just under a year and he just looked at us like we were crazy and held out his hand for us to clean.Sometimes it feels like everybody rushs you to give your LO solids, I sure felt that way. I just remember that no kid ever starts kindergarten eating strained bananas and eventually he will eat big boy food. There are some cereals in some healthfood stores that are like cheerios but they have VERY little sugar. They taste gross to me but my DS likes em, I think it's the crunch more than the taste he gets off on.


Allie - March 14

plain cheerios actually are not high in's only when you get in to honey nut and the other special flavors that they have a lot of sugar (I am a label reader, as my 6 year old is not allowed very much sugar).


luviduvi - March 14

HMMM? I didn't know Cheerios are high in sugar---most peds recommend Cheerios (plain) for finger foods. I always liked the gerber puffs. They also have some other (first foods) babies. If he can handle toast, do you give him crackers? 8 mhts is still pretty young so don't get too discouraged. Maybe try some cooked rice?


Smilefull - March 14

peas..cheese... egg white or yellow I fogot now ( I know one of the two you have to hold off till they're older)



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