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Dani aka Kamries mommy - December 31

Well, Kamrie went to visit her doctor today and she gave us the go ahead to start solids (she is 4 months and one week) she said to start with cereal and every week we can add something new....such as fruits and veggies, well I am so confused. How do I know how much solids she should be eating, and if I give her cereal for breakfast does she also need br___tmilk with that too? Any advice would help.....maybe there is some kind of chart or something that will help me understand.....thanks alot moms!


Ashley - December 31

The way I did it was, first rice cereal then oatmeal cereal and then barley. Each cereal for a week to see for an allergies. So, you give her the b___stmilk when she wakes up and her second feeding you give her cereal and b___stmilk after. Start off with 3 tablespoons of cereal and mix with boiled water (cooled) or b___stmilk (depending on cereal). After I did all three, then I started veggies for lunch. Next, I introduced fruits. I mixed bananas or applesauce with her cereal. Hope that helps!


Dani aka Kamries mommy - December 31

Thanks Ashely, it is all just so confusing, dont wanna mess up my sweetie...


Deena - December 31

At this age food is more of an experiment than nutrition. Just use a little for fun. Breastmilk should still be her main source of nutrition. Have fun with it and be relaxed, don't force her or worry about waste. If she doesn't like it, wait a week or two and try again. No stress. You can't mess it up, there are no solid rules.


bump - January 2



Narcissus - January 2

I started with two tablespoons of dried rice cereal in addition to the usual amount of milk that my son was used to eating. Cereal is not meant to replace b___stmilk of formula, but is intended to supplement what they already getting. If your baby does not seem interested in cereal on a certain day, it's not necessary to force the issue. She may want milk only. Also, babies will turn their heads away and purse their lips when they are full. After you start cereal, a good fruit to add is banana, apples, or pears (stage 1 foods). You can add a teaspoon to the cereal or serve it by itself.


BBK - January 2

Hi Dani, I'm actually a daddy but since we have an almost 6 month old, I'm very involved in this. According to our pediatrician, you can give up to 4TB x 2 a day. (Total 8 TB). The order is rice, barley, oat, mixed. Each should last a week and watch for any allergies. Then introduce yams, carrots, bananas, apples. You can mix the vegetables and fruits with the cereal the first time. As Deena said, this is not so much for nutrition but for practice. The main source of her calories should be b___stmilk (or formula).



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